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This must go out to the World.

Blast from the past

I am weary. I have the Lord to back me up, but no human person has touched my writings.

    Yes, all done by me, Wendy, my conversations are from the past, we are all, one in presence of spirit. I shared 610 personal conversation I had, in presence of spirit, with anyone who stops by, and reads it.

    I must at some point make it more accessible. I blame this solely on myself. It is overwhelming, I have to do it myself.

    I have to look past myself, and send it out to the World. I do not correspond  with anyone. I freak, that is why this website has been silent, so to speak.

    10,555, views since I wanted to hit 400,000 page views 2022, Bringing the total to 2,599,450 page views since December 13, 2013. It is significant to me. Sharing is caring. Always and forever meant to be shared. I believe this for eternity.

    I was full of Publication at the first of the year. Publishing for the first time with no dates. It was out of the ordinary experience for me in every sense of the word. Then all the responsibility came tumbling down.

    That was then now is now. This is the third time the site hit, 400,000 views, in one year. This year was the highest. 410,555 bringing it up to 2, 604,846 page views. Anyway the writings from 2022 are from 1996-2022.

    Pieces put together to become the whole of 2022 writings from the past, future and now. These  times I had “In Presence of Spirit,” are for all of us. No one left out. No how, no way could I have come up with this without the Presence of the Holy Spirit.

    It all fell into place, each piece on it’s own. It stopped being a book a long time ago. I started on the internet in October 2011, I had shared twenty writings on Facebook to two people, that were open. so they were passed on, I guess. I deleted it all, kept no copy for myself.

    The whole, In Presence of is my gift to anyone who will ever read my conversations with the Lord. What do I do? Waller or get this show on the road.

    The heart knows what is written is, in presence of spirit. It is a gift of thanksgiving of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. In faith of the Unities of our eternal existence. 11:38 December 29, 2022. Wendy

© 2022-2023 Wendy Yvette Greenwell


We, have come a long way since my first respite at South Padre.

I did not touch the water

I do not care if I ever go again. Once and for all time. Cannot repeat the first respite I got to myself. We, meaning the whole World. Even though I do not watch the news. I can not handle it. So I write this to the World.

    I made a decision to get a physical, I asked for a lung X-Ray. So, low and behold, I got a call with an order for a lung X-Ray. I accepted they came to the house, he took two X-Rays on my lungs.

    So, yesterday I saw my PA, she tells me, “You have a nodule on your left bottom lung.” Cat-Scan, Lung Doctor. It is a centimeter.

    When I first came to Publish, I did so, because I thought I was going to go blind. I suffered needless episodes of full on Narrow Angle Glaucoma Attacks. Every one an emergency. The pain was incredible, for hours.

    So, now, I feel, I need to get more productive. I have nothing to lose, my desires fulfilled. Share my times, “In Presence of Spirit.” I need to address every matter at hand. By, me, myself and I .

    Show me the way to open up the heavens and rain down mass blessings on eternities souls. Open up to the kingdom of heaven within our eternal beings.

    Break the barriers down to the ground and make them granite under our feet. I am starting at the beginning, which to me is the end of my Publications, fixing some, and adding the rest of the code. It is a process.

    My room is multitask now. Everything fits perfect. Now to organize. I love being in presence of spirit, some times I have spurts but not much anymore. I need to do some work to get where I want to be, but all in all, I am already there, here, in presence of spirit, always, and forever, and so are We, united in the heavens already.

    Open up, and let the love of heart penetrate the internal purification of our inner beings, that are all one in spirit at the same time. Whether you believe it or not.

    So, my Dad is going to put Step One patch on my shoulder on Christmas Day. Now I feel the need to find the writings that are waiting to be let free. Cause no one else is going to do it for me.

     I need to hit 400,000, for this year. I could not work on it for months. Is this all for me, myself and I, which I share with anyone that will read my personal conversations with the Lord. With the World wrapped up in my calling to be, In Presence of I am Co-Author in Spirit.

    I wrote like no one was watching but all the while even though they were private they preserved the dimensions of time, significant frequencies, accepted them into the cosmos. To redeem the designated time of World Union.

    Who am I, simply Wendy, with a message in spirit, not without. I am trying to go Public, I can not force myself. Social – I am behind in the times, but I have stayed the test of time. Sharing is caring. Sharing interpersonal conversations in private with the Lord. Knowing I was sharing already. December 20, 2022 Wendy

© 2022 Wendy Yvette Greenwell



Clear up!

One of my last rain photo.

Get concise with precise precision, bull’s eye all the way around. Even though… Find what you are looking for.

    We have your love, we have your courage, we have your patience, we have your eternal resurrection to life, love and the pursuit of your presence in spirit, right here, right now, and always, in presence of spirit.

    We are all spiritual brothers and sisters in eternity. Open up the hearts and minds of all beings and bring gladness to our hearts for we know we are not alone, The Holy Congregation of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, are in the internal chamber of our souls.

    It was not about money. It is sharing until now when I need to share to more people. Statements of truth in spirit. I must claim them as my own. They are in spirit, with the Lord’s Holy Spirit, he said we can have, and share. When it is the Holy Spirit’s time for me to finish this off. It will be open and receptive.

    I was on a mission, twenty seven years in the making. I can not give up on sharing my writings.  I am the Author, through inspired revelations, the writer, the editor, the data entry, developing the whole process my way.

    Because, all in all, Spirit is in the air of every writing. In the depths of my being touching, “In Presence of Spirit,” at the same time sharing with the World, as I wrote. Even if you do not give it some time.

    I refuse to be embarrassed on my part in this. It was meant to be written by the I am in me that was given the gift of communication in Spirit, to the Lord., is my proof. I give all of it one big giant hug. 12-15-22, I have been out to lunch since my respite. So I am going to Publish this today. God bless everyone. Wendy

© 2022 Wendy Yvette Greenwell



It has been a week yesterday, I left for South Padre Island by myself.

I rented a room at Padre South Hotel, room 415, with two balconies, the one facing the ocean is my favorite.

89 dollars a night, at the time, I had to say yes, I am so glad I was not stingy with myself. First time to stay at a Hotel, it was now or never. Thirty hours, including the drive, was worth it. Wendy, has been deleted. I can not take it off the widgets are not working.

© 2022 Wendy Yvette Greenwell


 Wow, brother flying in from California today.

These light would appear. I had fun.

I get to pick him up, he used to rent cars. Not anymore, cuz he bought the home, one.

    The stress in my life, I want to abandoned my life again.

    Although this time. Richard is going to get a full time, care giver. Until, the Dr. steps in. Twenty two years of my life, I have been his right, and left hand servant. I refuse to call myself his provider, caregiver, I call myself his friend.

    Come on, only Wendy would take away all independence from her self. Well, I am ready to spread my wings and fly. I am out of here, my twin was the first to know.

    Yeah, I drove to the races by myself last Saturday. I did not stay till the end. I get tired when I drive the F-150 2000. I am taking off to San Antonio in it. I am not  afraid of it anymore, when I drive it. It has been 27 years since I stayed with my twin. 

    It is November 5, 2022 4:59 am. The  Doctor’s Assistant is going to see Richard on Monday.

    I do not know what to do anymore. He has always been frail. I thank God he took the fear away from me of taking care of a severely handicapped person for 22 years. 

    I was out of here . Then bam, my brother reacted, threatened to take my room away. I felt threatened of my little territory that has been my own for only a year.

    I can not leave. God said, no Wendy not yet. How would I maintain myself. Richard has put a roof over my head for 20, then he sold it. 

    It is not his anymore, or mine, even though. It is my brother’s. My Daddy, we clash a bit, my older sister spends time with him. 

    My twin was over, she left yesterday, three or four nights, with two large cats. Peanut could not come in. My little dog, she never grew. Chihuahua. The female cat, kept biting her feet when she had to get up. She got me a few times. 

    It is still to hot to go anywhere. I need to at least take my brother up on two days, and two nights. 48 hours off since the last time he was here. He is leaving on Friday. 

     My courage is not what it used to be. I have gotten used to driving my Son’s Monster Truck. Ford F150 2000, might be old but he roars. 

    My Son in law that really isn’t my legal one, said, Miss Wendy, he calls me that all the time. That truck is a Man’s Truck. I laughed. 

    Well, it is what my Son left me not his Father. I will go to a safe place on the Island. I do not know. Mike you want to go with me. That is funny. 

    OMG, 27 years. Dude, me, get over it. The spirits were together in the spurts of spiritual essence in Spirit with the Lord.

    He guided me through the darkest hour of my soul, and gave me words to write, to share, in presence of spirit, because I Am, in all the writings, in Spirit with anyone who reads any of it.

    The I Am totally, In Presence of Spirit. I want to be there again. What has been written is meant to be shared. Opened up so, more than thousands of people read it but millions. 

    I have 18 grandchildren, one in heaven, one great grand son. My two daughters, my Son’s significant other’s, with children.

    How can I help them hiding in the web. Not being open, and receptive to what is going on in our lifes right now. 

    I believe, In Presence of, is meant for more people. I do not know what to do. So I am piddling, and paddling, in, not doing but what is essential in the daily life of me assisting Richard with Cerebral Palsy, not 24/7, at 80.

    I can not tell you how many times I have woke the man up asking him if he is okay. Probably thousands. Twenty two years is a long time. 

    Well, what the PA, is going to see is Richard, completely bed ridden. I am not able to transfer, not even into a wheel chair. He has atrophied since he was born.

    He has not walked in two years. His body, is atrophied, serious, can not bend his arms, his finger are barely working. His back, and legs do not bend, his legs do not open an inch.

    It is technique to maneuver him. I could teach but I have no credentials. He could not do it without me, and I could not do it with out him. All the years.

    My back hurts. Routine, “day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year, time never ending but standing still.”

    Now, it is a whole different ball game. I learned how to do what I do from my first patient from the Nursing Home. He had Polio, he was quite small. But the great thing is that I never forgot. So, I know what to do, and know how do it,  everyday, and night. 

    I do not know how to be a free bird anymore. A path I chose, but none-the-less, what do I do?

    I keep my writings on-line because I have to share. I worked for 27 years on my project, and at one point in time I will have to close. But until then there is not a day that, I do not think of In Presence of Spirit, and what I am supposed to do with it other than share it.

    I can not communicate with anyone. I never have. That is why I am not on full fledged Social. It is here, and there but not every where. 

    Millions do not even know it exists. This is entirely my fault. I wanted to share my way. Not many come to my site. It is on the updates the writing get views. I am not embarrassed, when I do work on it, it gets a lot of views.

    There were 31,000 views in October, I barely worked on it. Yesterday, it was at 377,037 page views for the year. 

    This page hit a thousand thirty seven words. Not all from this morning actually 6:56 am. I feel a change in the air. I have to follow through. 

    If I do not do it. No one else is, ha, ha. My hearts desire written on, six hundred, and four writings, a few more pages. I can not figure that one out yet. 

    “Essentially, this is a gift to you, and yours and from, you and yours to put an end to the pain, and peace to our souls.” me 1996

    Now, how can I say that, this was to my husband of my youth initially, but it is for every one, that needs to know, Christ is alive in our hearts, and all we have to do is, I need you to bring me back to the I of me, that is one, in presence of spirit, with you Lord. I love you. Wendy

© 2022 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell