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I so long want to stay, “In Presence of Spirit.”

    Do you want a few prayers, and writings or a lot? A reply, In Spirit, would be great. I so long want to stay, “In Presence of Spirit.” This is fun.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share, some of the writings, with you. Oh my God, look at what we are doing together. (He still does not know.)

    Wow, we were put here together for a purpose, To be healed through the Holy Spirit’s Hands. A way out of the pits of hell. Kind of like follow the yellow brick road, precise portal. Dead ahead, in the opening of a needle. Right on target. Bull’s Eye and you remember my numerous bull’s eyes.

    So that means we have the answers to the inner chamber secret mysteries, ours’s for the asking. “Come, Jesus Christ,” Come bring Peace To The World, In Christ We Are.” This is exciting.

    I could not write anymore, those letters I wrote tells everything you need to know. It has nothing to do with fame or fortune. It is The Gift of God. Life, Love and The Pursuit of Christ Jesus, in All The Glory.

    I am just picking through the fly way’s, last of the pages, I found hiding out of my view, for years. It took me long enough to get out of darkness, where there is no light, not even a spark, then when the spark is ignited, internal purification and we are richly cleansed in Spirit. August 20, 2005, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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A Journey from darkness to the light.