People know what two plus two is.

Perfect Foggy Night
Our Society is in dire need of mass awareness

What about the whole of society and it’s properties? The putrid decay of our Families.

We are in bondage that has repeated itself to damn many times,

With so many Families over the World being affected by the degenerative powers of the negative side of doom.

    Our Society is in dire need of mass awareness to the point, if something is not done soon, much more will suffer the same misconceptions past down from generation to generation.

    The near-destruction of our Society is plagued by the outer abominations of desolation which is the break up of the family unit, has caused less than desirable situations for our children.

    Everyone is affected The loss of identity — no real meaning to life. All the questions that do not have answers in the outer, do have in the inner. Isolation, confusion, fuses easily lite, alcoholism, dependence, abuses mental, emotional, verbal, physical, anguished from lies and deceit, called names, forced submission, games played, devious, manipulations in degrees from the self-centered addicted person.

    Women are the hardest hit. It cycles into a way of life, and it is hard to break the cycle. The circle of events brings decay of one’s ever-presence. Exhausted from breathing, the fears, worries, and anxieties weigh on your soul, the pain is grief in any realm.

    As has been written, “the abominations repeat themselves to total degeneration to destruction as seen in my family, and in or for the regeneration to take place there has to be total abandonment from one’s own will.” “Past Events” 1996. What is the point? Mass Awareness because so many are suffering for nothing. August 17, 1997, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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