Thirty minutes more, and it is Christmas.

Happy Birthday Jesus

It is snowing, radically, my plants, my trees? Oh, Jesus, Your Birth, Your Life, Your Ministry, Your Death, Your Resurrection to Life Eternal, from beginning with no end.

    In Your Hands, I put my oldest, Lord Jesus, she knows you, she needs you to pick her up and bring her into the light. Jesus Christ, guide and direct her, in all her ways. Make them your way again.

    In Your Hands, I put my Son, twenty years old. Lord Jesus, I praise You, for all Your mercies, on my Son. Thank You, Father God. Guide and direct him, in the name of Jesus. Show him the way to, Your light, help him, help himself and his family.

    My youngest, oh Lord, another baby on the way. Lord Jesus, be with her, in her every need. Guide and direct her, to the love of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

Clear us up, clean us up, show us our place, in Your Masterpiece Plan.

    Guide Us, to freedom, from bondage. To Proclaim Prosperity, through heart and soul.  In Jesus Christ’s name, “Our writings are permitted to accomplish, that which was, given it to do.”

    I am not the only writer, of Spirit, or In Spirit, I will not be the last. I had a calling! I performed the way. I should have expedited, the experience into publication, a must of my heart. So accomplished, I did not promote, did not sell, (only made 500 copies), no letters. 

    Oh, Jesus, I felt You guide me, to Publication. Accomplished, October 17, 2002. Oh Jesus, “In Presence of Spirit,” is a light of the testimony, of You, My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I Love You. I pray ye Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Guide and direct, Your Kingdom Come, so The Souls of The Universe can be free in, Your Love of Blessing, For Mankind.

    Happy Birthday, Jesus, so the people say. You Are Greater Than An Explosion of Galaxies. You Are Kinder Than The Kindness. You Are Formal and Informal. You Are Spirit; You Are Light, You Are The Guiding Light of The Universe. You Are Universal, in every sense, of the word.

    You Are The Union of Saints; You Are The Essence of Spirit, You Are The Eternal One of Everyone’s Soul. You Are The Most Extreme Element of The Universe. You can change a beast, to a man, in one second. “Come unto me, Dear Lord, for I have lost, my way, guide me, Jesus.”

    Thank You for, My Three Children and the grandchildren, the friend, the house, the plants and trees, the car. Thank You for, “In Presence of Spirit,” even though, few have read it.

Oh Jesus, We All Need To Hear Your Guiding Voice.

    We Need To Ask, In Jesus Christ Name: Grant The Union of Spirits, Bring Prophesy To The Multitudes. Find Understanding, Gaining Knowledge, Uniform, Stepping Stones, to a Greater Understanding, of The Parable Mysteries of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

    To Find Again, The Kingdom of Heaven, In Heart Soul, Revelation. To A Oneness of Truth, Which Is Through, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The Beginning and The End, The Alpha and Omega, The One and Only Ruler of Our Souls. Let Yourself Free, Through Christ. You Can Be, Set Free, inside yourself.

    Lord gather the bones and bring life to the bones of old. Bring them about in, Your precise form. Bring The Bones Alive In You, Through You, For You, From You, “Give To The Eternal Presence of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

Bring Your Love Down and Ignite The Light, That is Your’s, In Everyone’s Heart.

    In The Living and The Past. Bring Our Loved Ones, in Your Presence, For Ever More. Bring Life To These Dried Up Bones. Heal The Fire of Temptation. By Pass, The Evil One. “Your Kingdom Come.” Bring understanding to these living bones. Bring Knowledge, Bring Guidance, Bring Fortitude, Bring some solitude, ha.

    Bring courage to face the offenses (and defenses.) Bring Patience, Bring Clearance, Bring The One, Bring Light, To The Eye of Truth, In Everyone’s Soul. Bring Healing, To Everyone’s Presence of Spirit. Bring Love, To A Oneness of Truth. Bring Joy, and Gladness, Bring Faith, out to the uttermost parts of the Earth. 

     Bring Life, to The Living. Bring Healing of Sight and Sound.

Bring Your Love Down. Bring Your, Compassionate Heart Down and Rest With The Lord For Evermore. Guide and Direct Us too, Your Power Calling. Show Us The Way, To Your Eternal Presence. Help Us, learn to meditate on the Kingdom of Heaven Within. Happy Birthday, Jesus. Love Wendy We Are One In The Spirit. December 24th and 25th 2004.

©2004-2022 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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