“We all are here, for a short time.

Sharing My Conversations With The Lord

We have ourselves, to offer in service for Our Fellow People.

But, What? Oneself is to You, Dear Lord.

You have given me, My love and My life. To fulfill the plan, You have made for, Every Person on this, Planet, We Call Earth.” “In Presence of Spirit,” Original


“We are all here for a purpose to fulfill God’s plan. He is waiting and watching in every corner for His People to say, “I give back to You Dear Lord what you have given me. My love and my life, to fulfill the plan You have made for every person on this planet we call Earth.” “In Presence of Spirit 2” 

So do you think I have enough courage to do this,

last phase of my presentation of most all my, “In Presence of Spirit In Conversations with the Lord?”

It is all up to Me, and what I do, or do not do.

I have to do it, NOW! It is time! A time to relax in The Holy Spirit’s Presence, and You find The Lord, in you, with you, beside you, round about the Omnipresence of The Lord, in Me, with You.

The domino effect of the nature of this manuscript.

In a positive way of course. A calling forth of Jesus Christ Universal Congregation. March 14, 2011, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

©2011-2022 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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