Four hundred, and fifteen pages of Conversations with the Lord.

This yellow light was amazing.
It is a process when you are going through it by decade

    This is my evidence and witness that Jesus Christ Holy Spirit, communicated, the passion of His love, through me, and it all came out, in the completion of his numbered days, weeks, months, years.

    I am working on figuring out how many writings, prayers, quotes from the Holy Spirit through me. Because I can do nothing without, no constructive thought arises. When I am without the presence of spirit.

    I am back on April 28, 1997, So far. I am at number 183. I have four or five more hundred names and dates, of writings, to put in. I can only go so fast. It is a process when you are going through it by decade, plus two years extra, I had no idea. It kept growing, and each piece needs its home in the book, made to one.

    It has been a trip that is as significant today; then it was the days I wrote to them, the time, the minute. To me; it was as if, I had just written it.

    All are verified, originals, edited pieces. All done by me, here, and there, and everywhere. To bring it all together, so many years later, is a real blessing because I am fulfilling my heart’s desire.

    My quest has been significantly verified, even though it has not been read by anyone else but Me.

    I know what Jesus Christ has given me. Oh Jesus Christ, Thank You for The Presence of Your Spirit, in the entire book of, “In Presence of Spirit.” With one heart to heal. February 9, 2008, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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