Today is Thursday,

“Independence Hill” 3rd floor my work in Paradise

My six out of six days of work will be completed. Friday drive to the Valley, Saturday left at 8:00 a.m. got back to San Antonio at 12:30 pm. Left for work at 2:30 pm, got there at three to eleven shift. I go on about the schedule. My ex-husband gave me back my children on January 16, 1998. They bought a New Mobile Home and put it on a lot in Converse, Texas. I took over total responsibility for my three teenagers, after being away from them since December 29, 1995.

    49 and a half hours, 6 hours driving, 204 miles, driving too and from work. 204 minutes of driving, Hill Country Paradise.

I had three days off last week.

    I worked on the writings; it felt so good, I think I am still being moved to manuscript it, in its entirety, (excerpted of course) hopefully prayerfully.

    The earnest desire for the more significant, A Publisher, Editor, Lawyer, Doctor will fall out of the sky. Most important for completion is a Computer, Printer, Windows 95, Word, Script, and some money so that I can work to end, promptly.

    If I have the resources, I can complete, “In Presence of Spirit.” Twenty-eight months of writings, from the depth of my soul to you with love.

“We are one in the Spirit and One in the Lord.”

    Listen to the still small voice, and you will hear the direction into your inner chamber. Where dwell-est thou Christ, from and through The Holy Redemption of yours, mine, and our souls.

    To the clearing of the cobwebs. From sin to forgiveness; in turn, opens our soul to the truth, from within, our most inward being.

In Christ, we rest, from all obstructions.

    The heart focuses clarity on every situation. The Holy Comforter is releasing all the fears, worries, and anxieties, at the door of the altar. Healing has begun, and the truth shall set you free.

    Rest in the Lord’s every word. He is Our Comfort; He is Our Guide, He is Omnipotent and Omnipresent in Magnificent Infinite Form. He is The Life, The Light. He is Understanding. He is The Truth. He is The Resurrection to Life Eternal. In Him, Beside Him, Through Him, Round About Him.

    I need to do this: Rest in The Lord’s Every Word. You are Our Comfort. You are Our Guide. You are Omnipotent and Omnipresent in Magnificent Infinite Form. You are The Life. You are The Light. You are Understanding. You are The Truth. You are The Resurrection to Life Eternal. In You, Through You, Round About You. 

You are God Our Savior, sparking the personal perseverance.

    To take the Realm and eradicate the negative in doom. Man’s way is wrong. God’s way is Eternal, healing in the here and now.

    To Make Mass Regeneration from destruction to the Truth. In Love, Compassion, Courage, Understanding, Knowledge, Wisdom. Gifts: Patience, Guidance, Protection, in and through the Love of Christ.

    Guided to the clear realization: my way hurts, Jesus Christ’s way heals, to the most magnificent capture of, “In Presence of Spirit,” “I believe Christ Jesus Blessed, The World,” in these writings. Through revelations from, The Highest.

The understanding was captured,

protected, shared, shunned, but my heart did not fail from the clarity of the understanding of God’s Kingdom in each and every Nations. Entire, Global Wide World. So this is my gift to you.

    I came into the world with nothing. I leave this world with nothing, but In Christ Jesus, I Am, and I and the Spirit of The Lord have all these writing to say: Only through the (my) Total Immersion of Baptism, Salvation was acquired. In access opening your (my) soul to the Christ within, from the last fight to the regeneration of our souls. March 12, 1998, Wendy Yvette Greenwell September 1, 2015, I cannot change the words. It was written many moons ago. I need to Publish it now. Wendy Greenwell

© 1998-2024 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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