Finding knowledge,

Ultimately Wisdom Is Given Through The Powers of God’s Fulfilling Words

through the words of God, through His Prophets. Understanding, through, The Death, and Resurrection of, Our Sweet Lord Jesus. Ultimately Wisdom is given through, The Powers of God’s, Fulfilling, Promises, and Words.

The Revelations, since the transition from sin.

    To fully accepting, Christ as my Savior. The Baptism, the death of sin, and rebirth through Jesus Christ’s, Sacred Heart. The Deliverance, all substance of, Christ comes together,  the sin forgiven.

The transition is hard, and lonely but is a must.

    It can be more comfortable with people, who have been through the same thing, which is everyone. Realizing I am one of the chosen, I followed, I let everything go. I had no other choice.  I used to ask. “God, what does it mean?  How can you? Leave your home, your children, all your belongings, your unfaithful Husband.

I told the Judge I wanted, “Justification

and him taking everything to accept, he gave me back my maiden name. (that is all I wanted) I turned relieved. (the justification through Christ, is provided, I was free, from him.)

 I mourned for six months; I studied for six months.

    (Before) April 30, 1995, I got saved, for the seventh time, transition from mind to the heart.  Cut the dimensions of resistance. I felt it, The Preacher, saw it. Baptized May 7, 1995. Delivered, February 9, 1996.

I was inspired to write.

No one cared. I could not do, very much of anything, except study. He walked with me, into the fire, and brought me unsheathed, out of the fire.

    In my writings, I have found, The Holy Spirit, writing through me, pages upon pages, of The Oneness of Christ’s Love, and Patience for Us, His Chosen.

    I surely know the way, into The Presence of God, and someday when it is God’s time. I will write for many, through me, in him, roundabout. Actually, I have to put it all together, it is in months. It is already written. July 18, 1996 Wendy Yvette Greenwell

© 1996-2024 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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A Journey from darkness to the light.