Knowledge had but impatiently been misplaced.

We Are Here For A Purpose 

The answers are coming clearer; we’re getting closer to, An Atomic Spiritual Consciousness, and every day, feels like an eternity.

    Knowledge is not going anywhere. I still am weak. I know man, better be doing, for our children, what he should have, been doing, since their births.    

  It is not just the children, God blessed me with,

but the two, who were inappropriate, terminated of life, which left me in darkness, to the light. The pain, the isolation, the unworthiness, the grief, I give myself to anyone, who needs to be consoled, you can trust. With Christ, there is no shame. How can you be ashamed, of the perfection of freedom, from damnation?        

    My life is an open book. I’m opening it further then you can imagine ha! I have nothing to hide. How can I be ashamed, of the pain, the isolation, the experience, of millions of Women? The Degradation and Deterioration of Our Babies, Our Families, Our Heritage, from Every Country and Nation.         


    The purpose is unveiling in simplicity, clarity; so innocent, but hiding until now, when all will be known. Time is nigh. Revolutionary progressions of truth, are going to be heard, through the airwaves.       

    People will be hearing, The Son of God, is here, giving the prophecy, the time is due. But we have to continue, the sequential steps, (cannot rush) but gotta stay open, honest, and willing.  

    Should haves-oh, well. Self-centered, false pride, feelings easily hurt, fears, worries, and anxieties. If only, I had done this, or that, well.

    I withdrew some of the time but came out when needed. We could have solved man’s demise, a long time ago, but circles became cycles, and darlings, ours go back to Eve.  We are okay. The answers are coming to pass.         

Our lives are difficult, they will be difficult, but we will have strength,

because we will not be, alone anymore.  My God, there are children, on the streets.  Each One of Us is A Child of God. Why the fear, to give a hand, a little work, a friend from the heart?  Why all the stupid questions? Life is terrible right now. We need to act now!       

    What is more critical, gadgets or souls, breathing, living people who need a friend to share time with,  no one likes to ask; everyone is too proud.     

    “Oh ye of little faith,” open up and let the sunshine in, let’s put an end to loneliness.  Let’s put an end to abuse. (Let’s put an end to Abortion.)  Let’s put an end, to history repeating itself, and throw it away.     

    The passages of time, have eloquently, dropped their pile of dung, on our generation, from the oldest people living, to the youngest just conceived.     

 Join together as one.

    Do not take the woman down after she has been smothered out of self.  We need to cleanse, not only our years but our ancestors.    

    The cycles, needed, to be completed, and the circle needs to be broken. The answer, we have always had, is simple: through Jesus Christ Our Savior.        

    “Moms understand all your pain because of her pain of deterioration of the self from abuse. People were scared little children, with these idiots, who made them controllers!          

    We will not believe anymore that sex is love.  It is controlling; it is the possession; it is a lie when it is not through Christ.    

    Join together as one. The answers we always, have had, are simple, but regeneration is a process, you have to, flow through. You can’t rush, but you can help, it along, by being with women and children. We need to bring our families, together. Stop isolating; everyone needs a friend.        

    My gift to you, is for all my lonely years, isolated from the outside world, was for a grand reason. To be part of a solution, where women gain, their strength back, and take care of business, in cleaning up, “Our Universal Rights.”          

  Accepting Christ, in your heart is a revelation, a realization.

     An awakening of your spiritual quest, since your conception. The emptiness, the void in your breastplate, will disperse. The pain will fly away, like the spirit, takes the garment off fast, and it is thrown, to time past.    

    Then you feel a calm, through the rockiest year, of your life, but with the strength, and guidance, Christ offers, through, The Holy Spirit’s Magnificent Gift. January 20, 1996, One month before my Divorce. Wendy Yvette        

    So, how can I go from no words, literally, to writing, “In Presence of Spirit’s,” extensions, “With God all things are possible.” I would have had a more difficult time without my times, “In Presence of Spirit.” Wendy

©1996-2024 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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A Journey from darkness to the light.