It is December 30, 1996,

My source of realization has not realized itself yet

a few more hours, “In Presence of Spirit,” has been accomplished, but not excerpted. I need instruction from Spirit, to move things along because I am in a rut of sorts.

    My heart knows the truth. My source of realization has not realized itself yet. I am preparing if I have to, to do it all alone. I will be Okay.

    I wished upon, The Supreme Beam from heaven above and God’s lights showed down and lit the fire of my heart. In awe, the stumbling blocks were’ tumbling down, and the road became straight and narrow.

    The seed was sown, and the wealth of Spirit has been captured in writing. To show the transfiguration from sin to freedom from sin. The protection To the Highest. Contrary to my losses. In The Promise, I reached Christ The Transition to Exhortation. December 30, 1996

    True Reality well Lord, Help me, guide me, light the eye that is yours in my heart. Reality finds it’s way into being: truth, faithfulness, the reality in the heart, through and through, and roundabout. Life is through Jesus Christ True reality is The Presence of God. 1996′

    Showed me, my soul, and it’s contents the promises have been ignited. I believe in your magnificent powers of The Universe. It is not make believe what I have been through. You taught me about faith. The true meaning came from up above. 1996′ Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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A Journey from darkness to the light.