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Managed WordPress: No Stats, no C-Panel, none of the things, I already learned

No Stats, no C-Panel, none of the things, I already learned. I had to have unlimited bandwidth and everything else. My resources were at an all-time low. From one to two live sites. One of the Specialists at Go-daddy said it is a large site.

    It is going to take twenty-four hours to migrate. It cost 124.00, so now https://inpresenceofspirit.com and https://wendygreenwell.com, has Managed WordPress, with all kinds of goodies, to make my sites faster, and whatever it is they will be doing, it is all new to me.


    Now, this is an incredible moment in time. The Pictures my Son took, are so beautiful. He was in Oregon, no Mount Hood picture. Dorrance gave me three options for the image on the book, because, I procrastinated the photo for months. I did not know what mountain it was for many years.

    It is my 21st Anniversary Year with my writings. And in a few days, I will be Divorced from him for 20 years. February 20, 2016, and on the same day in 1983, we Baptized our firstborn. She gave me the certificate 25 years later; I had to cry with that one.

Pretty messed up,

All these years have not been easy. Going on 14 Grand Children, one in heaven. The 14-year-old wants me to pick him up in another town, only five miles, my eyes are not fond of the dark. My Son and daughter have the flu, in the living room, all day long. I want to Lysol, Oh my, all the kids have been coughing all over the house, all day. Valentine Barbecue.

    I am saying a one-year-old, one and a half-year-old, three-year-old, two-five years old, a 10-year-old, and the 14-year-old, I have to get. I got there safe, and I got us home safe.

It has been a rough day.

    I hated “sorry,” Managed WordPress. No Stats, no C-Panel, none of the things, I already learned. Oh, my. Well, it ended up losing my sites, it was a mess, a big gigantic mess.  A very kind person took over two hours, with me on the phone, to fix. Thank you so much.

I love my C-Panel,

    I have not even learned all the plugins that Installatron has waiting for me to activate. I tried to go where I had never been before, and I almost lost two and a half years of work. Remembering I do not get paid for doing this.

So it was quite the experience.

    Very stressful, with all the other stresses surrounding me, and me well I am not okay. I am tired, and I can not pick up after six other people. I want to leave, and I have nowhere to go. I want to stay here, but I am not comfortable here.

    Gee’s I have put up with enough. Help Jesus, please help me finish the writings you gave me to share. I love the writings, all of them.

    Thank you for spending time with me, “In Presence of Spirit.” I want to Publish before the 16th. Have a good night, and good morning. The sites need some adjustments. This one especially all of the pictures, I have to upload again. All I have are the numbers. A job in itself. But I Will fix it, not tonight.

    Mike is coming over. Ha just joking. Wendy February 15, 2016, Wendy Yvette Greenwell 11:42 I activated all the plugins that I wanted, and my pictures appeared. Thank You, Lord. May 28, 2017.

    Now the writings are recovering, the rest of the extensions are coming home. I love it. WYG, January 11, 2019, I can not make the pictures bigger because I do not have my pictures from the other computer. So no featured images and the pictures are only 300/169, I do not want to change the pictures so I have to leave them as is. Wendy

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