Our inner world is obscure.

Every Step Worth Eternity
We realize our commonality with our neighbors, the self-centered, is self-righteous. The onset of rules and regulations, boundaries are not acceptable to the self-centered person. Some are protection, advantage, greed, vanity, presumptuous, control over, rage, lies, adultery, abuse in spiritual, verbal, emotional, physical, brings decay of one’s ever presence.

It is death in the flesh. In our minds, we are guided,

    This way is straight and narrow, this way is wide, with byways that are astronomical. For too realize it, as God’s plan, and destiny are fantastic.
    The realization of one’s existence with Our Almighty Lord makes every step worth eternity. For when you are yet still in the womb, you are entering into a painful, scary world filled with all good and evil.

Generation four generations at place in 1996.

    Fifty generations in one thousand years. I am not an expert by any means. The revelations in my life have rolled around thirty-five years in lacking my soul. Walking into the fires and coming out whole. For we all need to put our generational cleansing to occur.  So we can be alive In Spirit with Our Dear Heavenly Father.
    He has not forsaken us; we have Him. We have too much garbage of our thought, iniquities, then we have our beloved, iniquities, carrying the latter, then our own, which causes our oneness with our Father in Heaven. 

The veil, the fog, the clouds, the darkness, realizes itself.

    Once the abuse is taken away, you start feeling, your own emotions, start bubbling, exact, precise clarity starts realizing itself. The doors start swinging open, and Our Comforter is releasing all the generational garbage, upon the entry of the altar, which is taken away from the mind, healing is inevitable.
We have choices,

     For if one is isolated from society, put down, pushed around, forced submission, degradation, lied to continually, hit, shocked, played games, someone else’s view, on our self-worth, that is not anyone’s to touch. For if control, is gain for the controller, what must the controlled person condition be?

For you to realize the struggle you are in,

from someone else’s shame, and generational garbage, you need to back away. Or he needs to go to Minnesota, to cool off. There are processes, looking at it from views of one’s lengthy bout with generational shame.

    For the realization is such: Alcoholism, abuse, verbal, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, no respect, counter activity, right for wrong, lighting on the scattered sheep. Walking into the fire at one point in time, then walking firmly through exhortation, for the oneness of God’s laws and Promises are, Ever Present. March 16, 1996 Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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A Journey from darkness to the light.