In Presence of Spirit Is Universally Written

including, covering or affecting the whole without limit or exception: 

In Presence of Spirit,

is Universally written, One with The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit of You Jesus Christ. That has made this moment of all moments, a moment closer, to the fulfillment, of my real heart’s desire.

Sharing Your Presence in Spirit with Me, To Everyone,

that will, one day read my work of words, from and through, The Redemption of Sins. Through The Love of God The Father, God The Son and You, God The Holy Spirit Of Your Presence, in me.

To communicate such an excellent writings, to anyone who needs a moment, or a thousand moments,

“In Presence of Spirit.” Touching My Spirit, Uniting, “In Presence of Spirit,” So the clearing can activate, the beatitude of, Your Spirit to Spirit, Communication. Yes, I am fifteen years older. Those fifteen years are entwined, “In Presence of Spirit.” Not the negative, for the most part, It creeps in at times.

My conversations with the Lord, are my sanity, forevermore.
Not just for Me. You will understand that when you get here. Actual Fifteen-Year Journey, In Presence with, in, through, roundabout, The Glory of Jesus Christ World Awakening.
From the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ and Wendy in writing,

“You are, and I am In Presence of Spirit In Conversations with the Lord.” It kept growing. And it still has not been found. But I know, one day, soon, it will be found and it will help anyone who is searching, through life’s difficulties. It always calms me, it refreshes my inner spiritual, Universal, I am, of Me, so it must be a breath of fresh air, for you, too. You’re Welcome. April 17, 2011, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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