As far as you being misunderstood.

As far as you being misunderstood, what is of no understanding?

    What is of no understanding? Two plus two is four; you play with the opposite side you are hurt. But! All can come back to the beginning, where Christ gave His Life for ALL, One Person.

    So all can come to the Glory of God, at The Imminent Coming. I feel like I have a ton of poking, at the keyboard, and I do. 1996 was 19,200 words; it is a lot leaving out April and May, they were hard months. I will put them in at some point in time.

    2005 is going to be fun; they are all to the one who asked me to pray. You asked me to pray with you, boy, I prayed, but it is my way, the only way, I know. Know one understands. It is OK. I know Jesus Christ understands Me. Wendy Yvette Greenwell 11/30/13, “Every time I write pray with him, the computer want’s to correct me. He did not say pray for me, he said to pray with him.”

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A Journey from darkness to the light.