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my Father’s second wife past on, she was 101, and eight months. They were married fourteen years. He is going to be 89, the first week of February.

    My Father, is living here now, with his two, fourteen year old dogs. They are good chihuahua’s.  I had to take driving privilege’s away from him, he is happy about that. He has Neuropathy in his feet, and cannot feel them. It is like a foreign country here to him. He also has a pig valve, they say it is good for ten years. It has been about seven.

    I drive him in the car my brother bought for the home. Dad has his own car. Sitting in the drive way which is fine, and dandy with me.

    I have a monster 2000 F-150, I took him to the storage in it, and he said, I am a good driver. I have a steel foot stool, he stands up on that, and he gets the bar, and I stand there in case he gets dizzy. Oh me, oh my.

    I have not lived with my Dad since I was 21, I am going on 62. I have not watched television in a month. So funny.

    I watch CSI on Pluto on my phone, and computer sometimes. I am not interested anymore. I cut news out last year. I do read my news feeds, some of them.

    This is not the half of it. Richard fell down, December 9, 2020, has not walked since, he could stand and hold onto his walker. Since, November 05, 2021, he is bed bound.

    My sister and I tag team, I do the transferring to, and from the porta. His body is atrophied, stiff, three fingers work on his left hand. I use a gate belt, with my left hand, and hold his three fingers that work, and pull him up and over. Then when I bring him back his legs are straight they do not bend, half way off the bed. Do the clean up, then I get the gate belt, bring his legs around on the bed. Then he pulls with his left arm, and hand to the top of his bed. Then the diaper change. My sister does the prepping. It is sad, but he is strong willed. He was not ready for Hospice. I am not going to call on them. He is 79 with Cerebral Palsy.

    They are sending a Dr. over here to make a house call. It was supposed to happen last week. They canceled, I only found out because I called. I did not want an excuse. He has to wait until the 21st. They are going to give him a provider, for some hours a week. My Dad needs one also. I believe it. 1/09/2022

    1/11/2022 – I think this is why I have decided to start Publishing again. Without dates. They go back in time. In sentence form even though I am indenting them all.

    It has been my way, since the beginning. I am the Author of “In Presence of Spirit,” out of the blue sky. I love the writings, the prayers, the communion with the Holy Spirit. I still do not have that gut wrenching pain, so I know God is still with me.

The F-150 was my Son’s, he had it here since April 1999. I had to do the paper work for it, because I needed to go get the rest of my Father’s stuff, at Arroyo City. So, I was pushed to do it. I had already driven a 20 Foot U-Haul, from Harlingen to the Arroyo, then back to McAllen. In twelve hours. Dad was behind me.

    It has power. It is big. It is my truck now. I want to go to the races by myself. I do not know anyone. I will, one of these weekends.

    Talk about isolation. Twenty years here. My brother bought the house, and I do not have to worry about being booted out.

    It is filled with three Greenwell’s, and one Hagen, three small dogs, and two female Albino Cockatiels, that can not hatch an egg. My sister takes care of them. Now that my Father is here, they do not scream, he said, “cut it out,” they chirp quietly, for a month. This is funny.

    Oh, this one is a good one. Richard was talking to his brother in Virginia. I heard him say, “Richard do you want to stay with Wendy, or go to a Nursing Home.” He said, “I want to stay with Wendy.” You can only go into a Nursing home if you have Medicaid. He is not eligible. That is what the Nurses said from Hospice.

    I panicked at the onset. My twin, reminded me how she used to take care of her bed bound patients. So, I am calm. He is not my patient, he is my friend. This is not a job. It is something I have to do, because there is no one else to do it.

    The outside help is going to finally come in, and do something. Cause I can not put him in the car anymore.  My sister, and I need a break. 398, no day we missed. Wow!

      What are my plans for the Website? I am going to give it one more year, because I already paid for the SSL. Up to date on everything else. I am protected, with Security. Even though I am all alone.

    With no outside communication, no comments, no subscribers, no social. No e-mail address. No access for others to go on my site, and do what? It’s almost antique writings. They still mean the same thing today as the days I was, “In Presence of Spirit.” 

    I share them with you, anyone who needs a little or a lot of time, “In Presence of Spirit.” Wendy

© 2022 Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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