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Calling All Ye Angels, “Jesus Christ’s work needs to be done.”

Wow inspiring, should We go on and on

    Friday night again, Oh Lord, Oh well it is OK, I am OK, with being by myself. My work is, and ever shall be for the Lord of Hosts, The Christ Spirit, Within Us All.

   Wow inspiring, should we go on and on, I have a deadline, as fast as possible, which you already know, is not possible for me. I need help with all that, need to stay focused and understand.

    Focus on that which is given, OK. You are beginning a new direction, having the Angels, help with the whole process. You will gain strength and faithfulness, to read the writings and be given understanding, clarify: I am no artist that is for sure, no light contrasting vision, my creative energies need to make an artist out of me. HA.

    Christ, is within us all. He is here for the asking, the promises that were left for Mankind to heal itself. We need the light to shine down on the World. I am writing. It is a start to an excellent relationship with my Dear Heavenly Father.

    To the Christ Spirit, within me. I said it, so it is so. Right? Thank you. Lazy lines are draws that do not mean anything. We are here in Spirit, Our Spirit’s are, One in Spirit.

    Separation is a drawback to what might have been! OK, I will have to go over that one. I am trying to get ahead of myself. It could not have been any different in the flesh. I was ready for the end of my marriage, serious. We are one in the Spirit, We are One in the Lord. Lord Jesus help from henceforth and forever. We will ray in the blood of Jesus Christ. October 22, 2004, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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I like the flames of a candle.

Magnified photo shot between my evergreens, front yard, no longer the same
I like the flames of a candle, the cool breeze on my face.

     I like the cool breeze on my face. We are having an unseasonable heatwave of sorts. Angels gather together, and let us together, in Jesus Christ Name: Proclaim the Prosperity of Salvation, through Jesus Christ Our Savior, to the opening of our ever lasting soul.

I need all your help.

    If physical people have not yet helped me, then the only place to go is The Heavenly Angel Messengers, which is given to each one of us if we but ask, and it will be provided.

“Seek, and ye shall find.”

    Knock, and the door will be opened,” Speak and you shall hear. My existence is to, in the process, help save the World, one person at a time, NO! Millions, it is out there. It is significant; it will help, bring Jesus Christ, back into the eye of me, (Us) that is not consumed by the World.

Lord Hear Our Prayers.

    We are here, first thoughts. Michael Arch Angel, what are your precepts? Precept- a command or principle intended as a general rule of action or conduct.

What specific tasks do you help?

    Where is the prophet? How many are there? Everyone is a potential prophet. Uttering Heavenly Murmurs of job wrapped, with Love, and Abounding Joy, in Our Father’s hands, is Our Treasures, Saved Up For Us.

Healing of Heart, Mind, and Soul, Forgiveness,

“for all have come short of The Glory of God.” Sheathing of the old spots, that have grown a wart on it, nitro it off, with The Ignition of Salvation, through Baptism to Deliverance, to Lamentation, Supplications, Justification.

    The Principalities of the process of the Spiritual Awakening, from and through, Our Heavenly Father. The massive tests. I failed again, so I am regrouping, and I am going to find my faith, my Jesus Christ, my reason for living still. I Love You, Jesus Christ. It feels so good to be writing again. October 22, 2004, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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Questions, answers, in the Spirit.

sunset in the back yard, magnified
Questions, and answers, in the Spirit.

But most of all, “I need a sponsor directly related to the book.” After the math, first things come first. Talk it, speak it, live it, love it, go for it!

I need significant sabbatical. Lord Help Us.

Hi, You, out there in the nether dimensions. I am here with you, and you know, I do not do things in secret, that will not be revealed, for sure.

I need help.

But most of all, “I need a sponsor directly related to the book.” I need everything I had back then, not material because I did not have. So I mean point blank, all spiritual, well actually, they were written in spurts, but I did work on it.

I have to go with what I told you.

I have to put one hundred percent, to finish off my writings, and I can not, like this. So I will not let myself down, My Angel Messengers, Arch Angel Michael, you have shown yourself to many. I know, I would be sleeping, and I would wake up saying, “OK, I know what I have to do.”

Oh Lord, I did not cause that scene!

Pick yourself up, whip yourself off. Know yourself; easier said than done, Lord Have Mercy on The Entire World and Me.

Bring Forgiveness To The Multitudes.

    Give Peace where peace belongs, In The Heart, and Soul of Mankind. To Rekindle The Spark of Heaven. To Ignite The Light that is Yours in Mankind’s Heart, Each and Every one of Us. October 21, 2004

    July 10, 2016, Happy Birthday to my first born she is 34 now, and due in three months to have my fifteenth grandchild. Thank You, Lord, for all Your Blessings. January 24, 2018, I have 17 Grandchildren one in heaven, God Help! January 13, 2019, 18th is on the way. Wendy

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Dear Jesus Christ, I can not seem to spark a light anymore.

Special Sunset from where I live
Thank You from the deepest parts of my being, that I can not seem to spark a light anymore.


    You have shown me an opportunity to promote Our Book. Jesus if it is solely and entirely from You, Thank You from the deepest parts of my being, that I can not seem to spark a light anymore.

    You did awake for the second passion of Your Cause. Promotion of Our Book, “In Presence of Spirit.” I opened up a little. I got the chills, a spark ignited, and I felt this is a calling from You. The only way I can sale Our Book is to promote it but to promote it, I have to be in the oneness of Spirit with the Holy Spirit of You, which makes everything happen.

At this time Jesus Christ, I am ready willing,

And opened to let my Soul come alive in Spirit, with The Holy Spirit of You, to open up to allow, “In Presence of Spirit,” be promoted for healing, for acceptance, for accommodations, for love, compassion, understanding, for a precious vision to come true.

The only way to sale our book is to become the spiritual essence of Your Love,

Your Guidance, Courage, Wisdom, Peace of Mind, Heart, and Soul. To help those who are hurting. To get them out of the desolation fast, and to give all our pain to You Lord Jesus Christ. There is more to Our Book than meets the eye.

There is an understanding of the special friendship

that You gave me through all my losses. Through all my pain, and anguish. You gave me words to give to the multitudes, from You, through me, a personal journey from darkness to the light. Even though I have not been able to come out of the darkness.

Lord Jesus Christ if you want me to go out there

and promote my book from You. I will start the process, whatever that may be. Wendy November 5, 2004, Wendy Yvette Greenwell May 22, 2016, Wendy Greenwell

In Jesus Christ Name I pray:

Lord have mercy on me a sinner. Broken from bondage, to declare freedom, from any more despair. I have had it.  I am the only one who will do anything about it. I am the only one, that can, at this point, do anything about it.

    It is all in the package, that started somewhere and ended up with Me, Thank You. There is no turning back for Me, although, at this time, I feel I overdid it on the ex-husband. My spiritual with him was in my spirit only. Although all the prayers that were prayed for him are all true and correct. He in the flesh is my enemy. I am supposed to forgive and I did. But now the only sharing I do with you, is, if you read them, I shared. Wendy Yvette Greenwell No Date

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OK, I am in over my head.

Beautiful Mountains, East Coast, maybe
Show me the way out of my affliction.

    I have hit rock bottom again. I need to repeat for reaffirmation to someone the right one. I know where to go from here, but I got to go to people and spill the beans, all over the table. I need help, Jesus! Who do I go to? What am I suppose to say? Who is going to understand, what dilemma, I am in, and me, lousy shape! Not just in physical. So what am I to do?

Show me the way out of my affliction.

    In the light of Your Ever Present Love, let me understand what has be-failed me and walk out into the answer. Forgive me my iniquities.

    Lord bring me to where I need to be, so I can do Your Will, whatever that may be. I have some ideas, but they are sparks of light, and then out they go. Help me stand firm in my conviction even though I am behind in the times. I know it is engraved in my heart. That needs the spark to “ignite the light that is Yours, in my heart.

I feel the need for speed.

    But don’t make me do anything to fast. Lord help me to financial independence so that I can survive the rough times, so I do not have to go out there, Lord.

    Lord forgive me for my sins. Jesus Christ We started this; We have to see it through. I poured out what The Holy Spirit, led me to write. I could not have written without Spirit. We will overcome this burden that has be-failed my entire Family, and the Families in the World.

Reach out and touch, Christ’s hands.

    He is the only one, who can make this a better place if left in His Hands. Lord have mercy on us all. Christ has compassion on us all, God has mercy on us all, “as it was, in the beginning, is now and ever shall be the world, without end.”

    The Spiritual Universe, where lies Our True Selves, with no doubts, with the all-knowing, All-Powerful, Wisdom of Our Holy Father’s Spirit, to the unveiling of, Our Christ within, to cleanse, and to put right, what has been done, so wrong.

To give peace to the multitudes, and light, to their eyes.

    To bring joy, where all there’s been is sorrow. Lord Jesus Christ fill Our hearts with The Ever Presence of Your Spirit. Ignite The Passion of Christ, in every soul, in The Universe, that ever was, that is, that ever, will be.

    For You Jesus Christ, for Giving Yourself for, All of Us, Every one of Us. No that is not my job. Lord, I give You my entire burden, and You know the responsibility that lays on my mind, heart, and soul. The day to day drama, with hot sauce.

Jesus Christ, in Your Blood of Blessings.

    Let the People hear about, “In Presence of Spirit.” It is waiting to be let free. Lord help me with R.H. and my family, even though they are of age, they still need me. But it is so hard to be there, drama and more drama. I can not take the screaming, name calling anymore. Help the husband of my youth, win the Lotto, so he can pay the child support or something.

    You know, Jesus. I am so sorry he made a mess of things. That is sad, he had such high expectation, we should not have, but we did. get married. Forgive me, the husband of my youth, for my insecurity, and my reason, I had a reason not to trust you. It was destined to happen. our divorce.

    Take hold of my hand Jesus Christ and let us do Your Will. You know what that is. I in my memory banks somewhere know the desire of Your Ever Presence. I am just kind of functioning not properly right now. I am burnt out. So where do we go from here? I can not go any lower. Oh, Jesus Christ help me find, Your Way, again. November 16, 2004, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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