God Bless The World Today, in every way.

Beautiful, my favorite trees, and mountains.
God Bless The World Today, in every way.

God Bless Every Person, on this Planet Today in every way.

God Bless every living creature, on this Planet today.

God Bless every tree, plant, flower, dirt on this Planet today in every way, every mountain, ocean, sea, territory the whole everything that Earth is, today in every way.

God Bless every living soul,

That has not found, the kingdom of God, is within his, or her reach, and it is within him, or her, anyway. God Bless every living soul, that has found the kingdom of heaven within.

God Bless every Person in the World,

that has received The Holy Spirits intercession, and accepted Jesus Christ as Your Personal Savior. [“To those who have not. Please come to the Holy Spirit he is in you, and he is in me. He is ready to ignite the light that is his in mankind’s souls, bringing love to a oneness of truth, that is through the redemption of sins through, Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior, In God, the Resurrection and the Life.”

I Am Grateful to You, Lord Jesus Christ.

    I am Grateful for Your Loving-Kindness,  Guidance. Deliverance from evil,  Compassion, for the Multitudes. For the awesome testimonies of old, and new alike.

I am Grateful For the Protection.

Forgiveness of sin, Courage, Strength. I Am Grateful for You Giving the Life, the Ministry, the Love, the Faithfulness, Your Self, in All Your Glory, To Cleanse the People, Past, and Present, To The Oneness of Truth, that is in You.

    Thank You, Lord Jesus Christ, for Your Salvation, Redemption through You. For Peace of Mind, Heart, and Soul, that can be acquired through You, for Deliverance from evil. Your testimonies of Everlasting Life, in Eternity, through You.

    Lord Thank You, for letting me write to You, and I give You, Thanks for what You, have given me through my writings. People whoever reads my writings, let them understand. Thank You, Jesus Christ, I Praise You for the Love, throughout All Generations. August 28, 2004, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

I did like to stress capitalizations, my preference then, not so much now. I am going to leave them alone. As was, as is! Here to be content.

© 2004-2024 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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