I sent my ex-husband a twenty-page letter,

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I have to overcome any obstacle, that might keep me from, Advertising My Writings,

which ended up being sixteen-page writing. I am confused but because of my present circumstances. I have to overcome any obstacle, that might keep me from, Advertising My Writings, or as others might say, Promote.

    I guess because he ignited the light in my heart again, to start writing, I focused a lot on him, because he asked me to pray with him. Still, all the writings from August 2005 to present are significant, even though I feel I overstepped my boundaries.

I found this letter you wrote on the twenty-six of August.

    “This is not an invitation it is a plea.” Wow! Good letter, thank you for remembering my reason for living still. Thank you for the encouragement, and The Spirituality you have found, In Spirit of Our Dear Heavenly Father.

I am almost finished editing.

    It has been a lot of fun, finishing off my book. I knew I had a lot of writings. I did not know how many. It is cool, to see, the presence of spirit, in you, and your letters, and now beautiful influential writings, full of love, full of compassion, full of insight.

    I am going to go through my papers one more time, to find anything about my book. I do not want to leave anything out — Wendy and You, The Husband of my youth, back for an incredible engagement of the Lord.

He is calling. I can hear Him, can you?

    I told my, first family what I was doing with my book. None of them believe in me, and that is OK, what is new. But just the same. I have worked on my writings for ten years plus, and they are the most critical productive thing, I have ever been apart of. I have done it all, with no human teacher.

I do not really feel depressed about it.

    It is a completion of a beautiful journey from darkness to the light of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I hope I still write afterward, but I really think, I am all booked out. Ten years of writings, incredible. Nothing I would keep out.

I am so happy to meet you in spirit.

    You know, I always longed to communicate like this, it is deeper and more intimate. (“WHAT!? And right then, and there, I was relieved of any restriction in the worldly, that would keep me from you, accept is that you are married.) Besides I have loved being divorced, and unattached to anyone except the Lord. November 5, 2005, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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