God, in Jesus Christ name, I do pray,

This is a good Photo, out of the ordinary

“what shall we do with inpresenceofspirit.com. Show me the way into, in presence of spirit, again.

    You have fulfilled my desire to share my personal conversations with the Lord, in our times, “In Presence of Spirit,” to anyone who finds it. It is still for the most part hidden.

I have the necessities, I asked you for, a friend, you gave me a friend with Cerebral Palsy. He is 80 years old now. Twenty two years living in this house.

    Wow, when I make a promise I keep it. Even under extreme conditions.  Thank you Lord, for giving me the strength to carry on this fascinating trip with You, down NOW LANE!

    Here I go again, “I have to look past myself, and share in spirit, the writings that are meant to be shared with the World! Arranging my room to prepare to Publish the rest.

    I ask you, God, from Our hearts, to show Us the Truth, in all its form. I ask You, to open up the heavens, and bring back the true beautiful aspects of life, love, and The Holy Spirit’s Presence, with, in, and around, upside down, round about all of Creation. To you with love.

    Wendy Yvette Greenwell, now and forever, me, myself, and I, one in Spirit, one with the Lord. Eternally present from here, and in eternity. I want to play in Spirit. Uplifting, and expansion. What do you want Wendy? Yes, you are happy, when you are, in presence of spirit. Wendy

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A Journey from darkness to the light.