What I have done is meant to be.

Fog with a Flash
What I have done is meant to be.

    I have in all actuality Published my writings, for anyone to read. Now, why would I do this? I have felt from, “In Presence of Spirit,” that I am going to share my only writing with The World.

    The only constructive words that came out of the right field, Jesus Christ Holy Spirit heard my cries; my plea’s my deep pain and misery.

    The Holy Spirit, gave me my way out to capture The Holy Spirit’s,  Presence in Spirit, In Spirit of The Holy Spirit’s Presence. Thus, “In Presence of Spirit,” became all our writings together forever in eternity.

    It is already there. The writing projects the truth of what I was doing in writing each piece of the whole. October 14, 2015, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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A Journey from darkness to the light.