“The Philosophy of Spinoza”

One Cause Total Salvation

Selected from his chief works page 14, of the interpretation of scripture: “Wherefore the Divine origin of Scripture must consist solely in it’s teaching true virtue.” “Our knowledge of Scripture must be looked for in Scripture only.” “has nothing to with heart soul.?” Has all to do with Heart Soul to the absolute Truth.

    The soul speaks through the revelations, from sin to life through Christ Jesus. It can be acquired, in the transition from mind to heart, which is 18 inches.

    In turn, separating your soul from bondage and bringing peace, life, love, understanding, knowledge, courage, wisdom, that we are so blessed.

To the light of Our Lord Jesus Christ’s Love for Us. One Cause, Total Salvation through The Life, Ministry, Death, Resurrection to Life Eternal of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In Spirit, With Spirit, Through Spirit, Roundabout Spirit for, The Rest of Eternity. I am immortal in Spirit Awareness and Peace is bestowed on the Multitudes. May 10, 1997, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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A Journey from darkness to the light.