Dear Jesus Christ, I can not seem to spark a light anymore.

Special Sunset from where I live
Thank You from the deepest parts of my being, that I can not seem to spark a light anymore.


    You have shown me an opportunity to promote Our Book. Jesus if it is solely and entirely from You, Thank You from the deepest parts of my being, that I can not seem to spark a light anymore.

    You did awake for the second passion of Your Cause. Promotion of Our Book, “In Presence of Spirit.” I opened up a little. I got the chills, a spark ignited, and I felt this is a calling from You. The only way I can sale Our Book is to promote it but to promote it, I have to be in the oneness of Spirit with the Holy Spirit of You, which makes everything happen.

At this time Jesus Christ I am ready willing,

And opened to let my Soul come alive In Spirit, with The Holy Spirit of You, to open up to allow, “In Presence of Spirit” be promoted for healing, for acceptance, for accommodations, for love, compassion, understanding, for a precious vision to come true.

The only way to sale our book is to become the spiritual essence of Your Love,

Your Guidance, Your Courage, Wisdom, Your Peace of Mind, Heart, and Soul. To help those who are hurting. To get them out of the desolation fast and to give all our pain to You Lord Jesus Christ. There is more to Our Book than meets the eye.

There is an understanding of the special friendship

that You gave me through all my losses. Through all my pain, and anguish. You gave me words to give to the multitudes, From You, through me, A personal journey from darkness to the light. Even though I have not been able to come out of the darkness.

Lord Jesus Christ if you want me to go out there

and promote my book from You. I will start the process, whatever that may be. Wendy November 5, 2004, Wendy Yvette Greenwell Yeah right, bold writing, many years ago, I wrote this.

NO TURNING BACK: In Jesus Christ Name I pray:

Lord have mercy on me a sinner. Broken from bondage, to declare freedom, from any more despair. I have had it.  I am the only one who will do anything about it. I am the only one, that can, at this point, do anything about it.

    It is all in the package, that started somewhere and ended up with Me, Thank You. There is no turning back for Me, although, at this time, I feel I overdid it on the ex-husband. My spiritual with him was in my spirit only. Although all the prayers that were prayed for him are all true and correct. He in the flesh is my enemy. I am supposed to forgive and I did. But now the only sharing I do with you, is, if you read them, I shared. Wendy Yvette Greenwell No Date

©2004-no date-2024 Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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A Journey from darkness to the light.