Dear Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

My Moon
Only way I can Publish right now.

    Thank you for all the lessons. Oh Jesus, we need help? What do you want me to do?

    To promote, and who is going to publish our five hundred twenty plus writings, or should I say conversations with you Lord. “that would be me five years later.”

    Who do I contact? I need to input. I need to edit. I need to be accurate.

    I need my Angels Lord.

    I am too emotional right now, and I am very weak, and unsure of myself, and I am going to be forty six, next Friday.

    My mission in this life is to complete for the Lord, what he has given me, “In Presence of Spirit in Conversations with the Lord.”

    I can not imagine having gone through all the years without the love, and guidance Christ offers through his magnificent gift.

    It is, was, and will always be, my giant testimony of the Lord, you can feel the spiritual passion.

    I am slowly putting in the rest of the writings that do not have their home in the book, now they do.

    I worked on them for hours. The dates help so, I can insert the left overs easier.

    It is well, over one hundred, and four thousand words. This time I am going to finish, then go through the beginning to the end.

    I have been working on this a year, straight with twenty three days in San Antonio. I have done it all myself.

    Dear Jesus Christ, I pray in your holy name.

    Show your way to me a sinner from darkness to the light, and from light to darkness, many times.

    Forgive me for not staying steadfast in your calling. For losing your voice, and your guidance.

    “Prepare ye the way of the Lord.”

    I need you. Show us the way into your presence in spirit. I love you Jesus Christ.

    Please help. I am pleading.

    I am miserable and worried about everything.

    Jesus Holy Spirit in your name, I do pray.

    Lord we are all in desperate need. I am afraid, I don’t know what to do.

    I thought all the words I wrote from you was going to get it done.

    Out of control Adults. Oh Lord, I am  scared. What do, I do Lord?

    I got the copyrights back on our book Lord, so I can prepare the rest.

    I just do not understand why some say, the world is not ready for it. I feel the world is past ready for it.

    Oh Jesus, is our book only for me? I do not understand.

    Holy Spirit, I am pleading for financial help.

    Lord, I need your guidance, and I am in emergency mode.

    Oh Jesus, I need your help, now. I am sorry for being so demanding. I am screaming, I need you Holy Spirit.

    We need a miracle Lord.

    Oh Lord, I need help from you. I worked on our book Lord, for a thousand plus more hours.

    Oh, Jesus Holy Spirit. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, we need a blessing to fall out of the sky.

    Help I am pleading, In the name of Jesus.

    Oh Lord, please help me with all that I am supposed to do.

    Forgive me for not knowing how to write anymore, so sad.

    Oh Lord, so much to do, I do not feel in Spirit. I am down, what is going to pick me up.

    Oh Jesus, what am I supposed to do? Where do I go from here.

    Your book, my book, what was it all for, for me? Forgive me Lord, for not finishing it. It is so long now, but to know avail.

    I can not even work on it, or look at it, or read it, or write anymore, at all I feel so useless. There are worse things, I am so very miserable.

    What do I do? Where do I turn? What is going to come of all of us?

    Help me Jesus Christ, bring down your Holy Spirit, and show me the light of your ever presence, all over again.

    Show me the right way. Let me feel life again. Let me love again, Let me feel again.

    Let me rejoice in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit of you my Lord, my only reason for breathing still. Wendy

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