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To Our Father in Heaven

With nowhere to hide. For all is gone, and You are Thee, that Lights — the Light of Thine Heart, Soul, Breath. Thy mind is elevated, from, The World, roundabout. For it is, “Thy will be done.” For the strength, I have is from thee. The knowledge, I have received, through my tribulations, is wisdom, and has given me courage, and faith, that belongs to, “Our Father in Heaven.”

For it is, “Our Father in Heaven,” who walked with and, protected me,

through, the threshold of death, and showed me life. I have taken my cross, and I have borne it, for many. I was buried and awakened in the name of The Father, The Son, The Holy Ghost, Spirit. 

     I have been delivered of my trespasses and my iniquities. I have been granted immunity for I have no liens, on one thing, not even my children. 

Lord, the seeds, which were’ planted among, the years,

I was blessed with our children, let them flourish, a thousand fold. In Jesus’ name, sprinkled with, Your blood of blessings. The seeds, good compassion, passion for causes, protection of one’s husband, no more, for if we are, abused, our children, are profoundly harmed. 

Lord Help Us, Find The Way, To Get, To Your People Faster, so all can see, the Glory of God, before their very eyes.

     Lord, You Are The Beginning and The End. You are The Alpha and Omega. You Are, The Light of The Universe. You sent, Jesus Christ, to be born, and show man, the way, out of the darkness.

 Salvation, through Jesus Christ.

    He has died, and he was risen into heaven and sits at the right hand of, The Father. Only through believing, with thine heart, that Jesus Christ is Our Savior is your Savior and graciously accepting, the testimonies, thereof. In acceptance, of Christ is in motion.

    Then without shame, when the transition eighteen inches, mind to the heart is attained. We Honor Baptism, In The Script, which we die, and are Resurrected, from Our Iniquities. The cleansing process has begun, all sheaths, of past life, is shed off. 

     Questions are answered.  Everything has it’s time, place and reason. Good or evil. But it is ours, for the asking.

    Seek ye, first the Kingdom of Heaven,

for it is for, and through, Jesus Christ, we live, move and have Our being. For if Christ, did not die for us, then all souls, would be, lost forever. For We Are, A Small Nation, No One Greater Than Other, except, The Lord Our God, wished, All His People, would come, To The Glory of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit. February 24, 1996 Wendy Yvette Greenwell  

© 1996-2024 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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A Journey from darkness to the light.