1,343,545 Million Views,

1,343,545 Million Views, including and not limited, all the times my writings have been viewed.

Including and not limited, all the times my writings have been viewed. Free for you, not for me.

“Sorry about the bandwidth.

    I am not used to change, and plain text, but I will be taking some advice from the News on the dashboard of my website. I like it the way I have it, but it will be, eventually what I must do. If I am going to keep on sharing.”

I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt.

    The writings of, “In Presence of, ” You are, and I am In Presence of Spirit in Conversations with the Lord.” All comes down to, sharing with more.  I am going to tell you, right out, I am not satisfied.

As for Social, the site is ready, “it was not,”

But I am not a social person. Even though I have Published my keepsakes for anyone to read.

“They say it is hard to find my writings.”

    All those stats on the Analytics Sites that spontaneous give you all my information about the Site and all it entails, “are not right.” I have not been working much on them since July 2016. “My writings even though not many have found them, are meant to be.”

I can not believe myself in the flesh.
In Spirit, it is done. Not my will but The Holy Spirit's will be done anyway, roundabout. What is of the Lords' is The Lord's, and it is shared not hoarded. 2017 Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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