Calling All Ye Angels, “Jesus Christ’s work needs to be done.”

Wow inspiring, should We go on and on

    Friday night again, Oh Lord, Oh well it is OK, I am OK, with being by myself. My work is, and ever shall be for the Lord of Hosts, The Christ Spirit, Within Us All.

   Wow inspiring, should We go on and on, I have a deadline, as fast as possible, which you already know, is not possible for me. I need help with all that, need to stay focused and understand.

    Focus on that which is given, OK. You are beginning a new direction, having the Angels, help with the whole process. You will gain strength and faithfulness, to read the writings and be given understanding, clarify: I am no artist that is for sure, no light contrasting vision, my creative energies need to make an artist out of me. HA.

    Christ is: Within Us All. He is there for the asking of The promises that were left for Mankind to heal itself. We need the light to shine down on the World. I am writing. It is a start to an excellent relationship with my Dear Heavenly Father.

    To The Christ Spirit, Within Me. I said it, so it is so. Right? Thank you. Lazy lines are draws that do not mean anything. We are here in Spirit, Our Spirit’s are, One in Spirit.

    Separation is a drawback to what might have been! OK, I will have to go over that one. I am trying to get ahead of myself. It could not have been any different in the flesh. I was ready for the end of my marriage, serious. We are one in the Spirit, We are One in the Lord. Lord Jesus help from henceforth and forever. We will ray in the blood of Jesus Christ. October 22, 2004, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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A Journey from darkness to the light.