Start, the end of this journey,    

Our Universal Selves, All in One. One In All. One Love

that ends, “In Presence of Spirit’s,”  Silence In The Blessing to Mankind, for The Redemption of Sins, is just a breath away. 

For the cleansing of our hearts, minds, and souls.

    The Purification of Our Souls. Through Christ, is Life Eternal, With Him, In The Kingdom of Heaven Within, Our Universal Selves. All in One. One in All. One Love.

 To see it, beyond the veil,

has brought me, to the completion, of my book of “Conversations with the Lord.” For anyone to read, and find we are all, “In Presence of Spirit.” Always!

Even though some think, I am crazy.

I followed through, with my heart’s desire, and quest, as stated. November 25, 1995,

“I am of sound mind and body.

The accounts are therefore brought forth to be certified when completed. The following is a sparse account of my life in order to fulfill my heart’s desire.

    I must, therefore, take appropriate measures to fulfill my heart’s quest if only for the truth of my innermost being an acknowledgment of the reality of the distance between space and time.

     Read on to learn what misunderstanding can do to people’s lives, plus how it is in all honesty someone’s worst nightmare, especially after total realization and accounts of such.”

To date. I am getting ready, for the rest of the setting, where my writings, need to be.

Oh Holy Father, Bring Your Holy Spirit and Rest with Mankind. In Presence of Your Holy Spirit, but for reals, not fake. From the heart. Not from figment, commercialization, of each and every abomination, that has conquered man’s soul, since time began. April 30, 2012, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

©2012-2024 Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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A Journey from darkness to the light.