I am reading over Romans, Corinthians,

I am still studying. God is working

    I have temporarily left, the Old Testament. Each and everything means the same. “The Living Word of God.” I know I am saved, baptized, delivered, and I see and hear every word, I read in the Bible, and I am still writing. I am studying hard. God is working.

You helped me, with getting back to saying what, I mean.

    Thanks, live one day at a time, for no one knows what tomorrow will bring. Rebirth to some, death to others, regeneration for the whole World. That is God’s blessing on The World.

If they start listening, they will hear.

    If they start opening their eyes, they will see. If they stop, knock, look, listen and hear; they will know, they have never been alone. Then you have the opposite, but for once I have been on the negative side of doom for too long. And I wish not to scratch the scourge of it.

I am so heavy into reading, all His Words,

Often, that my mind is going through scriptures while I am sleeping, what more do I have to lose, not my soul God forbid. I am surprised I am not gone right now, the only thing keeping me alive is the Bible. I hate to say this, but I am not ready to go out into the World and support me. Does that mean I am chicken shit, sorry my world? What World?

Boy did I make bad choices?

    I am very displeased with myself, but I am going to have to forgive me sooner or later. Can you tell I am lost?

No one can fully understand, what I am going through,

right now, and he thinks, well he thinks, he won. But he did not because I am safe now. I cannot afford to be a baby, about all of this. “Wendy’s Quest for what? March 1996, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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A Journey from darkness to the light.