Hi! It has been a while since I published anything.

It Is A Trip Going Down Memory Lane with all my times, “In Presence of Spirit.”

March was a courageous month for me. April I finally got verified, and I decided after sixteen months that I would do the home page. Then all of a sudden, my HTML’s appeared.

     That meant it was time for me to do my H 1 to H 6. I procrastinated the necessary procedure until it was mandatory, and I finally understood why I had to put headings, on each writing.  Like I said I learned it all my way.

It is a trip going down memory lane with all my times, “In Presence of Spirit.”

and then to share it with “you live.” Well, it is nice to be read. Thank you for reading my writings. I have not written writing, as I call them, in a while. I do not know how long. I know I still have more to input and Publish, but I have 199 more H 1 to H 6 to do an update and do the second one with the second name and bigger picture.

    I took the comments off because they were not safe where they were. There was a vulnerability, so I automatically reacted. People are going to the comments, and there is only one. And no one else leaves any comments. That did not stop me from commenting. But infiltration is a negative approach to something positive.

As for me having Social and Contact Forms, and whatever else people do on their sites.

    I can not do that at this time. I tried it; it did not work. So I deleted it. It is enough for me to do what I am doing, then to figure out stuff I could use, but do not need it. People do not interact with me anyway, and that is A-OK.

    My writings make sense to me. And it has always been my heart’s desire to share my writings with, “The World.” It took twenty years to get this far. I believe that my times, “In Presence of Spirit,” are meant to be shared, not taken.

First and foremost, the Lord knows who wrote every single one of my writings.

    “Wendy with Jesus Christ writing to the World.” The Holy Spirit’s purpose is my purpose and Our Purpose entwined in, “In Presence of Spirit.” The day He sparked the light in my eye.

    I thought for years that I was only going to cherish that one writing, I had no idea, He was prepping me for twenty years of, working on so many extensions of, “In Presence of Spirit.” 

I do not know if I will write like that again.

    I do not feel inspired, I am worried about RH being 72, and he is weaker, and my twin’s back is hurt real bad, and she is always in pain.

    I am stressed, and I have my pains, and I had to go to Urgent Care last night because my teeth were throbbing. Infection sinus and abscesses. It is being taken care, I have a little relief, but I need to have work done, and of course, I can not afford a Dentist.

    My ex-husband and his friend brought over a very nice refrigerator on his anniversary with the second wife. It is up and running. I gave him a three-year-old stove, several months ago. It was nice that he helped out for once. Oh and a nice leather couch. Awe. (And after a washer and dryer.)

 Summer’s are so scorching. Yuk!

    My Son leaves me his Van when he goes out on the 18 Wheeler, and he is off to Maryland. He was in Alabama last time; I talked to him.  My car, well it is parked, it is a 2002 Ford Focus, and it needs some work, it requires an overhaul, it was only the starter.

I know this is not a writing. But since I have not Published anything in a while, I thought I would drop a line and Publish a free hand letter, to anyone who feels like reading it. I am going to Publish it, just because I can. Who cares what I write? I do, if you do not like it, oh well. Thank You, Jesus, for all Our Conversations, “In Presence of Spirit.” Thank You for spending time with me, “In Presence of Spirit.” Wendy Yvette Greenwell May 20, 2015

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