Wendy wake up, smell the coffee, it’s your time, and it is your turn. 

We All Can Tap Into The Presence of Spirit

To share, a piece of eternity, with anyone, who needs, a friend. The only friend that can shine, the light from heaven, from him to all of us.

    I can not go back, and pick at anything; I put in the book. To me, it all belongs. To me, I see, less of myself and, more of, The Presence of Spirit. The Holy Spirit, of Jesus Christ, who was given, In Spirit, To Anyone Who Wants To Internally, Be Ministered, Too.

    Do you ask? The Lord already knocked, you did not answer. You will, he comes in, through the Spirit of the writers, in the old, and new testament.

 I would like you to know,

    My twin still argues with me, about my book. She say’s, “it is just for me.” I have always, known, what I am, ultimately, going to do, is Publish, for anyone to find, that the Kingdom of Heaven, Is In Every one of Us, to accept or deny, it is still there. 

We all can tap into, The Presence of Spirit.

    Just by reading from my eyes, hand, heart, soul, and mind, “In Presence of Spirit.” To you with love, not from me, from Him, The Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ. Who gave me, the most precious times, “In Presence of Spirit.” 

Thank You, Jesus Christ,

    For coming to me, and giving me, your breath of life. Thank You, for all the words, prayers, verses, poems and songs. Thank You, for each, and every quote, every writing, short or long. Thank You, for, The Whole World.

    I did it, by The Grace of God. It is meant to be. I know in my heart, this is to be, true. What else can, I do? What else will I do? I think that everything, will fall into, God’s place and time, and it will reap, what has been sown, for Mankind, not just myself.

 To All, In One Accord.
    To Accept The Testimony, that be. In His Hands, We Are Healed. In Ours, That Void, Is Him. That Search, Is Him. That Guilt, Is His. To take away, from your internal being, so you can breathe, again.
 That gut-wrenching pain is Him. 

He is the only one, that can take it away. In Him is Freedom, even in, extreme conditions. As they say, “and this too shall pass.”  “We are One, In The Spirit, One In The Lord.” Jesus, Thank You, for entrusting me, with this massive job. I had so much fun. In the name of, The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. July 31, 2009, Wendy Yvette Greenwell  

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