Why is it,

Everything is through Him, in Him, roundabout Him

the Ministers of the World, cannot read and speak, God’s words only. Everything is through the Lord, in the Lord, round about the Lord. My Salvation, My Baptism, My Deliverance, is in accord with God’s Plan. 

We cannot find God’s Purpose, 

Until we let all outside interference subside. It is never complete, until you abandon, your will. Entirely and ultimately and, give it full and finally, To Jesus Christ, Our Beloved Savior, “In God We Trust.”

It is not just about accepting, Jesus Christ as Our Savior.

     It is the transition, from mind to heart, the core of existence. Then and only then, the pure consciousness of Christ penetrates, a small opening and the knowledge and understanding. Start slowly but evenly come to be. As all the extreme atrocities, start subsiding, one after another. It is an explosion, into a world without end.

Time does not matter at this point. 

    Then the Baptism of death and resurrection of the old beliefs. Into the new understanding of God’s promises, statutes, commandment and, finally judgments. The mysteries unravel, into the true meaning, of our existence — the one and only, through Jesus Christ Our Savior.

Then finally deliverance, from sin.
    The line between good and, evil is broken and, the sheathing process continues, intact. Until all utterances of evil cannot penetrate, the internal purification, it bounces off. 
    It Is justification in it’s purest form. We are not here to interpret God’s words. But through the Spirit of God’s Ever Present words, are the answers, To Our Existence. Through Jesus Christ Our Savior,” In God We Trust,” In Pure Faith, To The Glory of God The Father, God The Son, God The Holy of Holiest Spirit, which Covers Us, with all, God’s Omnipresent peace, understanding, knowledge, wisdom. 
The understanding of, The Present, Past, Future,

Estates of, “The Oneness of The Writings,” which have been past on, from generation to generation, since their the Prophets etc., writings. The Hope, The Prayers, To Our Holy Father, have been heard. 

    We individually must do our part. Continually ridiculing, all the abominations, which are realized, in each and every individual Families, States, Communities, Countries, Is Not The Answer! Why don’t We Really, Show People, How To Start, The Internal Purification? Time is too short. Everyone is suffering, for nothing. It is God’s Plan, To Minister, not to Judge. July 29, 1996, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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