“Ask for strength beyond measure.”

We Are One In Spirit In Our Conversations

Recognize, what you are looking for. The truth in Christ.”

Lord, I know, with the miracle, You gave me, “In Presence of Spirit.”

“In Presence of Spirit,” is One With You,

In The Unveiling of Our, “You are, and I Am, In Presence of Spirit, in Conversations with the Lord.” Yours’s, mine and Our, “In Presence of Spirit.” You gave me, my love, and my life. You heard my call. You handed me, Your calling, through me, and it is manifested, for me, to share, as soon as I can.

Make that happen, Lord.

In the process, which is supposed to, come together, for the regeneration of our soul, needs to be activated. Ignited, to the love of our hearts. It is a significant time. All The Generations.

So weird, how the years flew by.

Bye, Bye Ask! Ask, whatever you want, ask, and you will receive. I have received each communication, In Spirit, with, You Dear Lord.

I ask in Your name, Jesus Christ,

For the fulfillment, of my testimony, of Ours, One on One, Conversations, In Spirit. To be Digitally Mastered, for “A Universal Publication,” In Spirit. Through the airwaves, of the Internet, then on paper.

Yes! We can do it,  Lord!

You and I, sharing, Our times, One on One, Spirit Communication. You in Me and I in You. We are, One In Spirit, in “Our Conversations.” Lord and even though, any obstacle, may stand, in my mortality. I know in my heart, that it is, trustworthy, through and through. July 19, 2011, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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