Here I sit at Chilies Willies, ten years, later.

Rain photo with a flash
The Supply is, all the writings, the extensions of “In Presence of Spirit.”

    The Supply Is, all the writings, the extensions of “In Presence of Spirit.” The repercussions of the last ten years have wreaked havoc on people’s lives, my family, his family, our family.

    How can such, Exquisite Conversations with the Lord, in Prayer, in Praise, in Excellence of Cooperation with the Spirit of Our Dear Heavenly Father, not be read, in its entirety.

    The abominations of desolation, keep infecting the very essence of our being. The cycle keeps escalating, It seems there is no way to cut it off. Everyone keeps hitting rock solid bottom. Not knowing where to turn, inside, outside, round about. Absorbed with the continual ridicule of existence, spoiled rotten, and inconsiderate.

    Choices, my choices, their choices, each decision, makes a whole big mess of things. Isolated from the actual knowledge, in the dredge of the negative side of existence.

    We are in turbulent waters. The carcass is ramp-id, the loss of soul, of life, of love, of the Presence of Spirit of Our Dear Heavenly Father.

    The absence of the Omniscience, is the veil, the fog, the darkness, it realizes itself, over and over again. The walls are closing in, even though I seem to be nothing.

    I am internally eternally, My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ’s helper, one of his writers. I will be published and read, and I will have sufficient supply to help many. I believe, so it is so. February 4, 2006, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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A Journey from darkness to the light.