I want to see the light again.

There is a time and a place for the manifestation of the truth,

I need help from everyone here and there and everywhere. Automatic Writing? There is a time and a place for the expression of the fact, to be revealed. Awesome.

The time is now,

For you to go further than you have ever gone before. Sale your books on your website. Give your love to the World more abundantly. Open up the channels of communication again. Bring back the love and courage you have had through your journey in the wilderness. Keep sharing it to the World. I wrote that with my eyes closed.

    My twin sister is fishing, and I am on a beautiful Patio, with the large pier my Dad half owns at The Arroyo Colorado. It will be 21 years since I ended up here on December 29, 1995. I have I have Published so much that I had to take a break. Besides, I have minimal internet left on my Hotspot.

    I Paid $301.00, for my Hosting with Godaddy.com, A more expensive SSL because I have two sites running, I could put five, and I am at stage 3 Resources and Backups. I have five locations three of which are directed to https://inpresenceofspirit.com.

I have manifested my writing, into Publication,

To offer you a gift of love and compassion. I think my writings are beautiful. They are my sanity, still after all these years.

    The wind is blowing. It is an awesome night. We have been here my Twin and I, since Friday at 10:30 pm, Oh that we could stay another day. We left Tuesday afternoon, the 29th.

I Claim I have been, In Presence of Spirit,

And I am In Presence of Spirit. Seriously, I deserved to take a break. Oh Lord, I need help financially. I have done what I contracted to do for this elaborate reason. I have seen it through three years on my Website. I am calling out to the Universe The One Source of all of Creation, The oneness that is within every one of us. Cheers! To You My Friends. I have a gift of time in Eternity.

    It is an Eternal Gift of Love and Compassion. A Time of Praise, and words of encouragement, A Time in The I am Presence that is each one of us to ignite the passion of our souls. Tim’s birthday is tomorrow.

Can we!

    Stay here a for a few more days? Please, Angels let that happen. Oh Lord, help us, guide us, To Your Eternal Calling through your Great Gates of Eternal Life. Help me to financial independence even though I am disabled.

    This is the first time I have stayed with my sister while she is fishing. There is a lot of trout, and the shrimp are popping. She is going to be sore tomorrow. She has four more shrimp. I am not in a hurry to go anywhere. For here it is beautiful.

Wendy, internal Wendy,

Light the way to the truth within your mind and your being. Activate the ray of hope in your head. Elevate your horizon. Energize yourself with the view of One True Source of Existence. One God The Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We are United in the Kingdom of heaven within our beings. We will see the manifestation of all documented material by me on my websites.

    Raise me out of my hole, and into the vibration of oneness frequency through the light and love of our one and only Source of The Eternal God Head, United in One. One Love, One light, One Fulfillment, One Cause, One Hope, One Faith, One Guide, One-self-United in harmony and understanding.

    We are coming into view. Our light is shining brightly even if we have not seen it or felt it. I am here where I wrote from January 1996 to February 10, 1996, Writings. I have not Published all of them yet. I was burnt out.

    I have received my need to leave the Valley and be in San Antonio, third trip down here and the third trip back up. I do not want to stay here. I am sick of the flatland’s and I love the hills even though the trees will be bare soon, I would rather be there.

    What shall we do? What shall I do? What are you going to do internal child of God? Throw out the old paradigm, and rain in the new. I am opened to new opportunities of Divine Will, Divine Guidance, Divine Love, Which has been entwined in the Ever-Presence of His Eternal Majesty.

    Entwine yourself Wendy with The Ever Presence of Your Divine Soul that is One with, The Universe. Open up to the truth within. “Ignite the light of You in my Soul. Bring Glad Tidings of Peace World Without End. Give Us this Day, and tomorrow will take care of itself. November 30, 2016, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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