On January 18, 2016,

Ever Greens and Mountains my favorite
It is an exciting time. I feel though, I have left this one unattended.

I separated, “In Presence of Spirit in Conversations with The Lord (with) Reflections of In Presence of Spirit.” The writings wendyyvettegreenwell.blogspot.com, I drafted them, two years ago. They were not set up, on this site, they had no statistics on them. It was like they were not even here. 

Eventually, I changed my domain name to wendygreenwell.com.

On the 18th, I figured it out, with help from a GoDaddy.com Specialist. It is an exciting time. I feel though, I have left this one unattended. I worked on it enough, to finish off the first month of 2016 with 54,690 views. Bringing the total to 881,574 views, for this site.

I have Published, fourteen days, in a roll,

Fifteen including today. The last few days of being 55. I have five writings left, to input on, “In Presence of Spirit in Conversations with The Lord,” and then I start the writings to him, the man I was married to for, 14 and a half years. Three children going on 14 Grandchildren, one in heaven. The fifteenth is on the way.

I asked for a sponsor directly related to my writings

my book, and he was the one. He asked me to pray with him, I am glad, I got to love him, “In Presence of Spirit,” and stay friends with him.

The Mrs. asked me if I wanted him back?

    I said, No! How can you take 21 years, since 95′ Separated, and put them back physically? Ha! Only by the Grace of Forgiveness, from God, was I able, to open up, to him, in all the writings, I wrote to him, “In Presence of Spirit.” Which transpired into, “Reflections of In Presence of Spirit.” Not for one second, for him, or me, alone. I knew by sharing with him, I would share it, with the World. 

I finished off the fourteen days with 25,114 views,

On wendygreenwell.com. Soon to be https://wendygreenwell.com. 2005 Writings are Reflections of my times, “In Presence of Spirit with The Lord,” writing to my husband of my youth. (For me to get SSL on the other site, I have to delete this one and pay more.)

    Yeah right! It has always been my vision, sharing my writings with, The World. I am doing that. I have done that, and I will continue until I can not anymore. So with all this, Thank You for viewing, and reading my writings of the all facet, “In Presence of Spirit.” The name of many extensions, all belonging to the first writing. February 1, 2016,

    February 10, 2016, Right now I am still 55. At 11:55 pm, I will be 56. What will I do with my time. This site has 893,639 views, right now, and wendygreenwell.com, has 42,193.

    I Published twenty four days in a roll. 56 Posts, 45 pages, 69 images. Then I came back over here, and I have done 38 pages. I still have a way to go. These pages are my links, and the other site, helped me finally figure it out.

    I can not rush through the pages like I did because I mess my servers up. They say I should get my own server, for my thriving business. HA! that is a joke. The way I see it: 893,639 plus the 508,289 for the bloggers, and 42,193 for the other Website = 1,444,121, the writings have been viewed, according to C-Panel-Awstats on my hosting. This year between the both, 107,948 views. Thank you for viewing inpresenceofspirit.com and wendygreenwell.com. attaching the pictures back on so I date them again.

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