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Blue skies, and clouds
Help Me Promote Our Writings

We need You, Jesus Christ. Help me promote our writings, see how much, just do it, nothing in my brain. Okay, I want to be thinking again. The excitement, the inspiration, the good feeling. I have no feelings. I am clammed up. Solo, it is not supposed to be this way.

Lord Jesus Christ, open my mind, heart, and soul, to Your Presence in Spirit.

     Bring me back, into the I of me, that is not consumed, with the World. Oh Lord, I need You. I want You. I want what You have to give to me. It has been stored. I am ready for it, Lord. I am surely ready for everything.

Specific questions, “ask to your heart’s desire.”

    Ask for everything. “Open your mouth and ask the Lord for what you want.” I want to do everything; I need to do, to share my writings, to a lot more people.  So they can read our writings. They are all, “In Presence of Spirit.” I want to write. “I want to be happy, healthy, strong, loving, harmonious, successful.”

I want to write for You, Lord. I want to share “Our Writings,” To The World.

    I want more views; I want all the positive, to come true, in all the writings. Save The World. Millions of Millions, even, Billions of People. I want to help the multitudes, in the blood of Jesus Christ. I want to be alive in Spirit. I want to be happy. I want to change Lord, through “In Presence in Spirit,” You shared with me.

I Love You, Jesus Christ.

     Help me accomplish everything that has been written, and let’s share these precious moments, I have with you, “In Presence of Spirit.”

“I want to love like I have never been hurt.”

I want a new outlook on life. I am depressed, lack of energy, enthusiasm, no spark. Sure I love the writings. I am just all by myself in all of this. I want prayers as comments. Open up the World to, “In Presence of Spirit.” I Love You, God. I Love You Father of All Mankind. I Love You with all my heart. October 30, 2013, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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I am going to print, “In Presence of Spirit.”

Sunset between my trees
A Gift To Share With Anyone Who Wants To Read It

No, books 1 and 2, it’s all together. “In Presence of Spirit,” it is magnificent, it is from the Spirit with love, for Mankind, not just myself. So what if it is Wendy, who accepted this awesome blessing. To share with all the Family, which is everyone in the World. I remain, Wendy, only on the writings. It is a shame, what has happened, in the Universe. Our Universe is inside our inward being.

The Holy Spirit will ignite the light, that is everyone’s, in their heart of hearts.

    Then the cleansing will take place. To Redemption World Wide, and Regeneration, To The One Heart, which is, One With The Universe.

    Yes my life, is in straights, but I will, along with my children, and everyone else, will Come Inside To The Christ Within. To bring Peace, To The Multitudes. In one heart, to the more significant cause: To Jesus Christ in Heart, Soul Revelation. It belongs to Jesus Christ, then purification of the illusion.

Read Romans, Corinthians,

all of the writings, in The Bible, are prophetic, all contain the way home, to purpose and healing, before we can not anymore.

    Things look bad on the outside. But they are getting better; you are reading this letter.  (No, I never sent it.) The second year of writings, read about; inside prayers. I do not complain, about my present situation. It goes forward in faith, to the truth of our existence, in one heart, one soul. To the promises, that were passed down, for the regeneration of everyone’s soul.

World Union can happen.

    It is God’s will, even though evil, has taken over. The fog has got to be lifted, for everyone. I was stuck on Mom and Dad, and this came out of me. Sorry, my writing is not directed, to you.

    I am going to shock, the first few people, who read it. This time for an answer. No one has verified, and I alone, have written all of them. I could not give up.

I have to, for; Jesus Christ because it is from, Him.

    I would be selfish, to keep them, to myself. Let’s see what the Editors say. Everything is going to be OK. We will have our paradise, with no worries.

    Yes, my situation was laughable. Who do I think, I am. Simply Wendy, with a gift to share, from; The Spirit of Christ, In Faith of The Ever Presence. The Lord knows I love, and I love so much, I am sharing it, to the World.

Please do not be embarrassed by me; it is not for greed, it is for righteousness.

    From God through Jesus Christ to Us. He is real; everyone has to heal. Everyone is hurting. Fear of death drains all the maladies that have taken over. It will be eradicated, in the blood of Jesus Christ.

    I wanted to share the passion, that was given, to write, but you know. I hit a wall. No one believed because of my outward appearance. You have to cleanse from within; then eventually the outer will reflect, no. I know it has not happened yet.

    Once this is out, Wow 1546 days since I left, and started writing, I have 93 writings, separate, saved, on a disk, I still carry my work with me; I feel better, I do not trust anyone.

    I have not written a letter like this in a while. We all have to live in our own being. We have to give it to God, then he does, the rest. Follow Him always. I hope you read the masterpiece, I was guided to write, from Jesus Christ, with Love. Wendy March 26, 2000, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

© 2000-2022 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell


Wow, see how time flies.

Dark clouds, Sun
Set A Course For Which I Must Take My Stand

In August, I had another eye migraine, that I could not shake. So my Dad and his wife came to take me, to an Eye Doctor. I went in with 51 eye pressure; this was the second time, I had been to see him. He says, “you are not having eye migraines, you have narrow-angle glaucoma.

    So to revert. August 16, 2007, to September 2008, I had seventy glaucoma attacks. Of course, they started on August 20, 2005, or around there, it is in the writings.

    I finally gave in and called Manrique. October 14, 2008. I see Doctor M. Garza, she refers me to a Glaucoma Specialist, as soon as possible.

October 17, 2008

My Dad and his wife come back down, to take me to My Specialist. He checks my eyes, and he said, I need the laser ASAP. He gave us a discount and laser one eye.

    He shot it many times, for every an eye migraine, I thought I was having. Now, this is the situation. I have had seventy major trauma to my eyes and the Emergency Room, El Milagro; I tried to get Indigent denied. I could not work for a year, and I had to suffer because I was not correctly diagnosed until October 14, 2008.

    Now when my book sales, I am going to have the proper means, to accommodate people, like me, that cannot get help, even in complete distress. (a projection only, no funds, hello)

When I am working on the writings, I feel at peace.

    I do freak sometimes because, I am going through, each sentence of the whole book, from my standpoint. It is big enough now, to close, and submit. I still have nine years of writings, to prepare for print. It has to be as close as perfect, as I can get it, from my vantage point.

I have learned quite a bit.

    Being this, my solo voyage, with Jesus Christ Holy Spirit, “In Presence of Spirit.” I have always felt that now, is the time, but I was not finished, there was still more.

    There are so many shows and movies about writers, I am one, but of a different sort. Be that as it may, my writings are, “In Presence of Spirit.” It is Jesus Christ Holy Spirit, who guided me, set a course, for which I must take my stand.

    From Him, through me, Wendy, To The World,  one in heart round about, The Glory of Jesus Christ, in the Awakening of Everyone’s Soul. To the light, that is shining, through “In Presence of Spirit,” to you with love.

I do think, who do I think I am, to be so bold, and say in writing, everything that is written.

    At that time, Richard reminds me that I am an instrument of God’s message. He through me made this, “In Presence of Spirit,” come alive, for His Purpose, and it has always been my purpose, even though I did not know exactly, how it was all, going to come out, and this it has.

    I need to say, I have skeletons, in my closet, and so do you, and everyone. So really, how far does anyone, really have to go, to put down one’s, existence.

    I claim, I am a sinner, and I am forgiven, and everything the writings are. I can not sum it up. It is done. “God’s will is done on Earth, as it is in heaven.” I believe, even in poverty, not of the soul. I hate asking for help.

 Look where it got me. Closer to losing my eyesight, completely.

    How many are out there, suffering severe, intense eye pain?

    Who am I? I do not know but, He who sent me, He knows. So with all of this, I should really go to sleep, and rest my laser eye, for tomorrow, I will continue my journey, from darkness to the light. Day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, Wow. Time never ending, but standing still. Truly this is the end. Love, with one heart, to heal. Wendy October 18, 2008, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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