The soul’s search is Jesus Christ,

the quest has been going on since birth for everyone.

Soul Faith Conquers The Positive Elements Of The Universal Law

Can not get back to yesterday. Stop what is going on. Open your eyes! Never hesitate! Listen! One thousand get blessed when someone finds the channel of life, in this case millions.

    Well Lord help Me, Guide me, light the eye, that is yours in my heart. I have been putting, “In Presence of Spirit,” the book in order. I feel it is powerful and true. The message needs to go out.

    Oh Lord hold steadfast, Your calling to the next level of envelopment. I do not know how many people I told I was writing a book, (not that many) does it matter. I said it in faith of it. 

    To The State of it: “In Presence of Spirit,” the book is written and I am putting it together as best I can, right now. Putting all the pages in monthly order to the stages, for completion. Awesome reading, I freak and no one yet, to share them with. This Real! 

    Soul faith conquers the positive elements of the Universal Law of Our Existence, tapping into the truth within. Statements of Truth from Me, No, through the Spirit. It was a lot of work, our lives, reason, my heart’s pain, Lord as you see, we need your help immediately. January 6, 10, 25, 31, 1997 Wendy Yvette Greenwell 

© 197-2022 Wendy Yvette Greenwell


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A Journey from darkness to the light.