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My inpresenceofspirit.com, hit 56,833 page views for this month.

Night fog photo's
I used to love foggy nights.

It is the most viewed because I am making changes, and adding code. I am a developer, that is behind in the times.

    My simple SEO, required me to shorten the main name of my website, then I had to shorten the names on many posts, making pages on them, so they doubled. This is why I have more pages, then posts, right now. 

    Now, that I know, the reason, I will go back to it another time. This month is the highest month in views, not Website views, updates, and posts, and pages.

    I have not fully opened this site, to Social. For whatever reason I have, so be it. The analytics are not working yet. Last time I looked no, so I am just going to finish this up. Posts, Pages, taking off the extra photo’s, so it is lighter. I loved the Featured Photo’s, I had to take them off.

    Help Lord, that is what a Preacher said to say, “Help Jesus.” The other woman, said to pray like that also. I do not understand that. Even though I am not able to pray, and have conversations in spirit. I still think it is so much more than, “Help Jesus.”

    I feel displaced. I do not mind sharing my room with my sister. My desks, wall unit, dresser, and book shelves, are here. The displacement is the fact that it does not feel like home anymore.

    I was left with not one, but four other people relying on me. Two bed bound, I want to cry, just a little water. I just put my medicine in my eyes, they burn, that is how I know it is working. Weird huh.

    I have to drive my sister across town, South side. I used to only go once every six months. Now, today will be six times in six months.

    Piddle paddle. At least Dad is not getting on latter’s anymore. This is not going anywhere. So, this years total is 208,172, changing in a couple of hours. Bringing the all time to the site, 2,397,067 page views. As we know I did not know how important the pages were. I thought it was the posts.

    I still have Posts to Publish. I do not have time, editing, 600 posts, and adding the pages, is a process. One by one. Now to go back when I have already completed 360, in record time.

    When I do not touch the computer, it gets less than 200 views. The highest one this month was 5,600 views in one twenty four hour period. All in all, it is a great month.

    I could not have made it this far, with all my writings, if it was not meant to be. It is, and it is all right here. So weird, how it can put 600 hundred personal posts and pages on one page. Well, that was the cue, page not post, to reiterate.

    I had a dream of my first love, I woke up, came in, and told my twin, and I started crying, the dream was, “that he hates me.” Wow, forty six years ago. Now that is weird.

    I am not following any thing about news accept for Johnny Depp. I am months behind on that. It is almost over. Good tidings of recovery for you, Mr. Depp.

    I felt like writing, and letting you know what I am doing with the site. I know that I want to wrap it up, this year, for some reason. Maybe because it is an even year. I have no idea. I have said for many years, that I was finished. Although this time, I am not writing, like I used to be able to.

    So, with all this God Bless the Universe, Space, the Cosmos, all our brothers, and sisters from here to kingdom come, with the presence of the Holy Spirit. Wendy

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I read in Matthew, KJV.

Backyard with the rest of the last photo's
This is not smoke

I watched Living Way Television program with the Pastor that prayed for me, a while back, and he was interesting. He had a message for me, from Jesus. I did not have pen and paper, I cannot remember exactly what he said.

    In essence, the vision, the faith, the excitement, the joy, the emotional passion, I had working on my writings is supposed to be re-established.

    It was not time for it, but in God’s time it will manifest. I need to start working on it again. It is what I am supposed to do. My contribution to humanity is sharing a piece of heaven in word, from Jesus with love.

    In other words, do not give up your dreams. “In Presence of Spirit,” is my vision from the Lord. Courage, patience, wisdom, vision, knowledge, understanding, fortitude.

    Words thousands of words of encouragement. beautiful words, awe, upliftment, intriguing, over powering, loving, explosive, dynamic, ultimate, unique, awesome, united, established, connection, testimony, consistent, heavenly, omnipresent, glorious. Wendy

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I want to see the whole truth of existence.

Night Lights with a flash
I want to see the whole truth of existence

    Seventeen years since I wrote, “In Presence of Spirit,” the original, wow 2005, now it is eighteen years, double wow. Eighteen years since Jesus gave me the beginning of my heart’s quest.

    To stay with me and keep me and protect me, so the fulfillment of the nature of, “In Presence of Spirit,” is going to hit the hearts of the multitudes. Has to happen, it was written in the Spirit of Our Father.

Spirit of Spirit, Cooperation, United again,

To share the rest of the book, writings. How? The way and the means will be plentiful. Why not? It is, was and will always be; meant to be. I followed my call, and I completed the first part.

    The second is in the transfer. To open up: The heart of Your People and give them a piece of Heaven in One Heart, One Mind, To You With Love. From Jesus and Wendy in writing To You.

To every one of You, in The Whole World,

It is my Honor to Present the rest of the prayers and writings, quotes from me, Na, from the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ, through me.

No closed doors, everything is opened and receptive.

    The decision has been made and done, start the process of ritual purification. “I think I am talking about a picture I wanted to put on the book.” I am sending it to you; it is heaven to me, it is deep and breathtaking, it reminds me of my first breath of life through Christ Jesus in the spirit of, “In Presence of Spirit.”

I am happy for your healing through Jesus Christ,

Cleansing waters, of shedding the scars of the past existence, before you met Christ. The spark is ignited, and you are in the process of cleansing, to freedom from sin, guilt, anything on the contrary of good and evil. All is One, in Christ Jesus, Love.

    It is all for His People to come inside the inner chamber of your innermost being. There you will knock, and the door will be opened. I let, “In Presence of Spirit,” go where it wills when that time comes. I hope my experience helps everyone else. Because that is what God gave me, Peace In Hope, and Faith of His, Ever Presence.

He is ours for the asking:

    A deep bottomless pit in which you have to reach down deep and then from the depths, there you will see the truth of existence and know all I want, is to be, “In Presence of Spirit.” Love and kisses from heavens door, open up you will be home soon. ‎5/20/13 2:41:16 AM input August 29, 2005-August 29, 2013

    God Bless The Whole Entire World. It means everything. I know every time my writings are read: “You are, and I am, In Presence of Spirit, in Conversations with The Lord.” I know this is what the Holy Spirit wanted me to do. Amen. Wendy Yvette Greenwell

    30 Years now. Wendy’s 30th Anniversary Year with My very own, “In Presence of Spirit,” that turned into, “You are, and I am In Presence of Spirit in Conversations with the Lord.” all extensions of the one writing. That is how I look at it. Even though I have “Reflections,” they still belong with the rest of the extensions. Okay, I read it. I am on #417.

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I love you. “Not as the wife as I was.”

My Moon Photo, from the property
So, in essence, you opened up the passage for me.

    Thank you for forgiving me, my death in the flesh, and I forgive you for everything under God’s Creation. I hope you do not think; I haven’t arranged something awesome, and incredible, to the full heart of Christ Jesus, and yet to the ones that have not found that the kingdom of heaven is within.

    All they need is Jesus, to cleanse them of the lie. We have never been without. All the while the pain, anguish, the no reason for being still, is gripping at our internal, external existence, and there is no escape, so it seems.

     Until the great fall and there is your submission. I can not, but You Can! Come, Jesus Christ, come out of the grave of the outer abominations of desolation. In the presence of spirit, which brings you freedom from the bondage of time, place and reason.

    All are joined in Christ Jesus, to come to the healing waters of cleansing heart, mind, and soul. In the process of internal purification. To The One Truth, Christ is.

All we have to do is reach down deep and accept God’s gracious gift of Salvation,

“ask in my name” but you know it is essential to ask for forgiveness of sins, understanding, knowledge, patience, wisdom, fortitude, courage, in everything. Reach and go beyond the norm. The heavens are not even the limit. Jesus in his infinity has given me faith in the ever-presence of his majesty. My Lord, My God, my only reason for living still.

    See when you asked me to pray with you, God heard you, when you wrote it on the envelop, So, in essence, you opened up the passage for me. You are the one that ignited the light in my heart again, and I have four hundred seventy writings to prove this.

    “I have worked like I do not need the money.” I asked the Lord for understanding and wisdom and boy “I have loved like I have never been hurt,” Love Mercy.”

    You once again sparked the light of Jesus in my heart. When you were writing that only message to me, the wife of your youth, on that letter to our young adults. The word was given to me directly because I had already started writing to you.

    In The Spirit of Our Most Wonderful Sovereign Most High of the Holy of Holy, in Jesus, “I Am,” my sweet friend of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

My brother, the reason, “In Presence of Spirit,” came to be,

    If my pain was not enough! We took on a major undertaking in commitment to the Lord. We new, but we did not know. The questions were’ asked, the knowledge was granted, even though no one believed Jesus gave me heaven when he gave me, “In Presence of Spirit,” the first writing, and you of all people, no that for a fact.

    I am going to send this letter first. I pray that you, not be afraid in any way shape or form. That I would be rude or obnoxious the way, I was in the last three letters. It was everything I had to say. Thank you for forgiving me for that. I was burnt out from all the trauma’s in our daily lives, everyone’s choices, not having three but seven, eight at times and two more on the way, and “dance like nobody is watching,” I remember.

    I have some significant revelations for you.
They are all written in the letters, I sent you and were’ returned. So they are copyright. Every writing is signed and dated the day I edited them and the date of creation.

    Today is your departure from owing me, Child Support. Congratulations. One heavy load, you do not have to carry anymore, I can relieve you of, and it is done. “Your Welcome”

    As for your lack of what you did not do, for the children or what you did not do, by all the abominations of desolation. You are admonished of your past life. Forgive yourself through Christ Jesus love.

    Give it to Him; He wants that part of you to be clean. He wants no dark spots, in hidden crevasses of your inside being. Leave it in the darkness and come into the light of Christ Jesus World Awakening.

    Please do not put yourself down. You are, one in spirit, one in the Lord. He has called you into the inner chamber of His Ever Presence, and He is healing all your wounds. All your scars, all your wondering, all your lack of the truth, we all can possess.

    It is not enough to ask; it is so much broader a process, we have to flow through, you can not rush it. You can help it by not putting yourself down. You are special. You are a unique human being of spiritual, and flesh,  you are in Him, and He is in you. 

    You are freed from the bondage that has plagued humanity. You are forgiven. Acknowledge that fully, completely and ultimately. Yes, there are things you could have done differently, forgive yourself for not doing it, and give it to the Lord.

Hand it over.

    It is not yours anymore. You are one in The Lord. You are among, The Spiritual Awakening of World Union, through Jesus Christ. He has forgiven you. Now you have to forgive yourself.

    The grown adult children love their Daddy. OK, their forgiveness is in the Lord, and it will come in their time, and the Lord’s. You can not force it.

    I would like for you to know that I believe along with R.H., that all this is meant to be accomplished. The writings are received and nurtured for God’s purpose. He is the real Author for without Him in Spirit, and in every true aspect of Him, in His entire eternity. I could and can do nothing without Him.

    With Him, I am alive in Spirit. Without, I am in darkness. Having had been in the light, I wished so much to be in Spirit. Thanks again, for opening the channel of communication, because this is what I love, letting it all hang out, in the blood of Jesus Christ. I believe, so it is so. I enjoyed writing this letter.

    Look how long it takes to get to Christ. We need to give the faster way; you can not push it, you can help, though. Your, letters of Jesus are the omnipresence of the Lord, in  His Glory.

    The Holy Spirit, is calling The People, them that can hear, let them understand the writings of their souls.  Through Jesus Christ, there is a passage that all can enter and attain.

    Then Jesus Christ Holy Spirit guides you every step of the way. Sometimes you do not think you can take another envelopment, and then a bigger one. The sin is eradicated, from the ever presence of our being. We are being cleansed of everything that hurts us in any way, “the old is passed away, the now in consciousness is tomorrows reality.”

    It is the truth of our existence. Ask the questions from the simplest to the most complex, and you will get the answer through Jesus Christ. He has all the answers in His Omnipotence.

He is Our Guide.

    He is the Highest. He is the Alpha and Omega, The Beginning and the End, The only ruler of our souls. He is the Master of the Universe. He is welcoming everyone into the kingdom of heaven within. There you shall knock, and the door has been opened.

    OK, are you ready for the other revelations. My writings, my book, “In Presence of Spirit.” I have, because of you, my ex-husband, the husband of my youth. The only one in ten years that asked me to pray with you.

Can you imagine, what an envelop did?

     It is opening me up to perseverance, through Our Lord Jesus Christ. I have in me, A Present from Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and Wendy, In Writing.

    “Reflections of In Presence of Spirit,” by Wendy. This I share with you. All I am giving you is peace in return. Eighteen years, it is just that. How can one writing, so precious, and pure, not be carried through to eternity?

    It is heavenly, it is, In The Presence of Jesus Christ Holy Spirit, and is Presented in Love of Our Only Ruler of Our Ever Lasting Souls. He is the only answer. My past love, but the one way through Christ, was granted, and you do not even know yet. (still does not know)

    “I have worked like I do not need the money.” Everyone is telling me to get a job, let’s see Michael is seven months, on the first, Orlie is four, Christopher is three. R.H. is 63 on the 27, and he needs full assistance.

    I have been writing for fifty-six days. The first seven days, it was all to you, to a three-stage, day, eye migraine, from the sudden expansion of my brain. I exploded in awe, and all the words came traveling out of my inside being.

    Once again I expressed in totality, on paper to you, who asked me to pray with you from conception to full fruition. I loved, and I am loved in Spirit. To The Christ Spirit within us all. Cheers!

    You are happy in the Lord. He makes every step you take worth breathing. He frees you from the inside pain of no solution, the inner turmoil, of no reason for being still. In the resurrection of the soul, is life through Christ Jesus.

    He is the one that guides you through the internal purification of heart, mind, and soul. It does not matter where you are just that you have the kingdom of heaven within your inner house, where restoration of heart, mind, and soul are cleansing the internal house of your ever presence.

    Replacing it with forgiveness, and putting on the Armor of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He is calling! Can you hear Him? I hope you understand the vastness of what I am saying.

    It is ours. It is our legacy. It was given to share. It will do, what it’s purpose was, is and ever will be, to do. Just because, “In Presence of Spirit,” has not sold, does not mean it is not going to sale, “be shared.”

    It will be captured, the true essence of my book of Jesus Christ, with Jesus Christ Holy Spirit, walking on His feet, in His Arms of Mercy, there go I.

    You have always been part of me, no matter what we endured in our marriage, and after. While it was going on, I was in the Lord, and He kept me from falling apart. Nothing was cut and dried, and forgotten especially you, even though we had rough years.

    We knew we were reaching for help. We just missed the bull’s eye, and so as it is with everyone, in their time, and season, they will come — the whole lot of them. I know in my heart that something giant is going to happen, it has been happening.

    I did not know how many significant writings, I was holding on to. Even though you are someone else’s, I can share you in spirit; it is OK, God has given the OK.

    I have six writings from 87′, to 95′, and from 1996-2005. Ten years, I kept writing all these years. I have beautiful inspiring, healing through Jesus Christ Love. He gave it to me.

    Remember when I said, “I was a gift to you and yours and from you and yours, to put an end to the pain, and peace to our souls.” It was for you, the husband of my youth, because of your pain, my pain, world pain.

    I Had To Find My Purpose! and I Did! and I Have! and I Am Completing for Publication. I thought I had a five-year deadline, and it was ten years. I jumped the gun by five years and twelve thousand dollars.

    Oh well, the book will sell, when it is God’s time, and then I will be able To Publish Myself, “In Presence of Spirit in Conversations with the Lord.” My whole big baby, not a partial replacement no. No, it is to good to keep in secret, and I was the one it was made for because it all came out of my inner being, where Jesus Christ Holy Spirit is, and ever will be.

    So whatever comes of this journey, I am undertaking is the completion of what was given in Spirit, eighteen years ago. This is, “In Presence of Spirit,” Anniversary Year, and every one of my writings, have a name, all four hundred and seventy of them, plus I am still editing.

    I have gone through significant transitions in my life, all because I was praying the old fashioned way, but not forgetting where I had been, for many praying sessions In Spirit of The Lord. My writings, prove this to be true.

    My prayers have been for World Healing. So when you wrote that *W G,* You opened the windows of heaven. The second you asked me to pray with you, when you finished your letter, closed it, sealed it, and wrote that on the envelope, I was already writing. Every letter I wrote you has a writing.  They are all Consecrated In Spiritual Love.

    Well, I hope this letter finds you better than ever, full of joy, and forgiveness and understanding. With some knowledge, and lots of wisdom. Yes in Christ all gifts are acquired and registered like this. To you with love, the wife of your youth, and Mother of your first three children. October 25, 2005, 6/‎2/‎2013 04:50:46 AM Wendy Yvette Greenwell 2495 words longest one!

January 19, 2018, I am going to put them in the order as I  had them on their temporary home. It is easier than jumping around.  Thus the longest writing to the husband of my youth. I have Published it before.

    I am going to Publish it here. In a while. I tried to take the dates off of one and the computer did not let me so everything is as is. More personal that way. Thank you to Grammarly for helping me with the comma mistakes, etc. I do not have the Pro. I wonder how bad of a writer I am.

    Actually to me, I am “In Presence of Spirit” again, working on my writings, and I am happy to be working on putting all my Published writings together for the very first time. I am going to Publish it as is. I can not believe myself sometimes. Bold for the Lord. January 12, 2019, I am at writing, 370, one hundred thirty-three to go. Wendy

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“In Presence of Spirit,”

Calling Out To The Powers That Be

“Show Them The Way,” “State of Being,” “Sweet Mercies,”  “Universal Thing,” “Faith and Cause,” “Past Events,” “Thoughts,” together forever. We will overcome, by the blood of Jesus.

    Calling Out, To the Powers, that be: Through the Blood of Jesus Christ. In You, through You, Eternally, Eternal. One With, the Presence of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, of Our Lord, and Savior Jesus Christ. Our Savior, Our Deliverer, Our Redeemer. Only in, and through, Jesus Christ is the Forgiveness of Sins. One Love Eternal, for All Eternity.

    How do I know? Because, this is how big, my faith is, everything, I have written for the book, my writings, is in, the rightful, place. For, Your Purpose Lord is My Purpose, and Our Purpose, Entwined, “In Presence of Spirit.” This is a fact, forevermore.  April 29, 2012, Wendy Yvette Greenwell 

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