Some people can speak, God’s truth, some people can write God’s truth.

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My Life Has Purpose My life Has Meaning,
I look to be a failure at life in general, but I know I am where God through Jesus, wants me to be. The negative had to be replaced, through the sheathing process, which Christ grants in pure faith, through Total Salvation, Baptism and Deliverance.


We all come at different times,  All for the Glory of God.

Through Jesus Christ Life, Ministry, Death, Resurrection to Life Eternal. For the purification of the soul, in God’s time, not mine, yours, or ours, in general, everyone.

The veil is taken off, the yoke is unbound, and we can breathe, in life again.

    Without the dredge of the pasts lives pain. Remember yes, I know why through, Christ’s gift of, understanding.

The whys and wherefores can only be understood through our journey, from sin to forgiveness.

    Parts can be shared, but in all essence, the journey is in solitary confinement, in the inner core of our being. “The Church of Christ, is within, go into thy inner chamber, and there I will be.” I cannot chamber out with hypocrites, lacking understanding.

I have already been tried, hung, and I died.

I was buried, and I gave my soul to God through Lord Jesus Christ. I was, and am worthy to accept God’s Gift, and I have His Gifts. 

I have Salvation, I am one of the chosen;

I have understanding, I know, I have courage, I have patience, I have wisdom, I am always guided, I am still protected. He is in me, and I am reaffirming, The Passion of Christ, in my understanding, on paper. Not putting down in complete detail, how I got to the point of no return.

    My life has a purpose, my life has meaning, and I will have my Children back in God’s time, not mine. My boundaries were crossed, I completed 70 x 7 and I have acquired immunity through Christ’s Love. April 7, 1997, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

©1997-2024 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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A Journey from darkness to the light.