You gave me explicit directions.

You Gave Me Explicit Directions

My life as I know it, is the mortal, since, and then the spiritual being. We all are waiting for it to come out. It will be verified, from each, and every person. That will ever read, “My Conversations With The Lord.” It is a different kind of writing, (book) one of my very own. 

     I know when it is me, and I know when, The Spirit of The Lord, is upon me. Come, Come, Lord Jesus, let us have a magnificent, conversation on the last of our, one whole book. I always thought I was finished.

     Every writing is a picture in itself. The words flow, with beauty, Glorifying Jesus Christ, My Lord, My Savior, The One, and Only Ruler of my soul. I have never been selfish; The Lord is yours also. The way has been given. All you have to do is follow your heart’s pain, and there be Christ Jesus, to take it away, sheet by sheet.

    I showed you my way, while reading, You will find your way back, to the beginning. When you could breathe, with no past, no remorse, no loss, no anxiety. Well, you still get that, but you are cleared of the gut-wrenching pain, of being without, your One True Love, God The Father God, The Son, and God The Holy Spirit. January 6, 2010, Wendy Yvette Greenwell,

    Oh I have to say it is a writing, The Lord gives you strength, to carry on. You still have issues but, The Lord makes it less painful.

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