We, have come a long way since my first respite at South Padre.

I did not touch the water

We, meaning the whole World. Even though I do not watch the news. I can not handle it. So I write this to the World.

    I made a decision to get a physical, I asked for a lung X-Ray. So, low and behold, I got a call with an order for a lung X-Ray. I accepted they came to the house, he took two X-Rays on my lungs.

    So, yesterday I saw my PA, she tells me, “You have a nodule on your left bottom lung.” Cat-Scan, Lung Doctor. It is a centimeter.

    When I first came to Publish, I did so, because I thought I was going to go blind. I suffered needless episodes of full on Narrow Angle Glaucoma Attacks. Every one an emergency. The pain was incredible, for hours.

    So, now, I feel, I need to get more productive. I have nothing to lose, my desires fulfilled. Share my times, “In Presence of Spirit.” I need to address every matter at hand. By, me, myself and I .

    Show me the way to open up the heavens and rain down mass blessings on eternities souls. Open up to the kingdom of heaven within our eternal beings.

    Break the barriers down to the ground and make them granite under our feet. I am starting at the beginning, which to me is the end of my Publications, fixing some, and adding the rest of the code. It is a process.

    My room is multitask now. Everything fits perfect. Now to organize.  I love being in presence of spirit, sometimes I have spurts not much anymore. I need to do some work to get where I want to be, but all in all, I am already there, here, in presence of spirit, always, and forever, and so are We, united in the heavens already.

    Open up, and let the love of heart penetrate the internal purification of our inner beings, that are all one in spirit at the same time. Whether you believe it or not.

    So, my Dad is going to put Step One patch on my shoulder on Christmas Day. Now I feel the need to find the writings that are waiting to be let free. Cause no one else is going to do it for me.

     I need to hit 400,000, for this year. I could not work on it for months. Is this all for me, myself and I, which I share with anyone that will read my personal conversations with the Lord. With the World wrapped up in my calling to be, In Presence of I am Co-Author in Spirit.

    I wrote like no one was watching but all the while even though they were private they preserved the dimensions of time, significant frequencies, accepted them into the cosmos. To redeem the designated time of World Union.

    Who am I, simply Wendy, with a message in spirit, not without. I am trying to go Public, I can not force myself. Social – I am behind in the times, but I have stayed the test of time. Sharing is caring. Sharing interpersonal conversations in private with the Lord. Knowing I was sharing already. December 20, 2022 Wendy

© 2022 Wendy Yvette Greenwell


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