I read A Prayer of Consecration to The Holy Trinity, on a candle.

Special Capture on Phone Camera
He guided, and directed me, even through a lot of adversity.

    I had no idea, reason being; I am forty-five years old. I was Baptized young and confirmed, confirmation, about thirty-eight years ago, and I left the religion because I was cut off.

It was pretty much, a devastating experience,

And then when you told me the Church does not accept us as ever being married, well that pretty much sunk the ball in the basket. So I ended up bypassing any Religion.

    Anyone else’s view on my self-worth. I went straight to Jesus Christ, Himself and you know he heard me. He answered me. He gave me incredible passion in The Ever Presence.

He guided, and directed me, even though a lot of adversity.

    You know, I was thinking about this last night, and what makes ours a unique revelation, (is the only word to use.) I know what I have. I know what I have been working on for ten years, plus everything else. But I was Given A Purpose To Fulfill A Destiny with Hope, Joy, and Love, through Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior, In God We Trust.

As you can see, I have given my pain to the Lord.

    I am still in the flesh, and I still have spurts of cussing, still going through our children’s everything, even though they all are, young adults.

    All these years later to read all these, Beautiful Prayers In Spirit of Our Dear Heavenly Father, and all the while, Praying In Spirit for World Healing and Reunion, Through and In Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior, In God He is.

I share this with you

Because you were’ not meant to go through this the awakening of your spirit behind bars, by yourself. Jesus is here. I am here to help you through your journey, beyond the dead to life in Christ; it is so awesome. I have not felt this way until you gave me insight on such a one on one, openness.

My prayers were always projections of Jesus’ teachings through the ages,

and I captured such intimacy in prayer with Jesus Christ, my beloved. Now I am sharing in a different way, because of your understanding, because all the letters you have sent to the kids, and the twenty I have received from you.

    I was and am worthy, deserving of, All The Spirit of The Lord, has to offer through, His Magnificent Gift of Salvation, through Jesus Christ.

    My studies solitary were’ entirely what Jesus Christ ordered. But of course, first you have to ask, and you will Receive An Insight Into The Universal Laws of cause and effect.

    I took action because the wages of sin had consumed the World. The World needed prayer. To get back to the matter at hand, I had sent out a lot of letters in the beginning. To no avail.

    I always gave it to the Lord because no one understood the understanding of the words through the Spirit of Our Lord and Savior. I prayed I wrote, I wrote directly to Jesus Christ. I know Jesus has given us this time together, and for this, I am grateful Jesus.

    I know you are, In The Spirit of Our Lord, and The Holy Spirit is Guiding and Directing Your Eternal Path, be that as it may. The World needs to find its way. November 10, 2005, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

©2005-2023 Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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