I am in my nineteenth year of gathering, my conversations with the Lord.

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I Am In My Nineteenth Year Of Writing

I did some things backward instead of frontward. This has caused me a lot more work, but I figure, this is the way, I learned it. No, I did it, then I discovered it while putting it together.

If I could erase the dates and the archives and make them fresh today, I would. These writings to anyone is new. Even though, I wrote them yesterday.

I feel overwhelmed with the thought, that I need to produce, more to be read.

    Fill in the month, now, when I am trying to figure out, the pictures. I just threw the pictures on there with all those numbers. No name, no nothing.

    To find out, after I put all those pictures on, that there was, a chain of command, and that is where I took the back door in, Photos were most important, at the time. Not wanting to do all that other work, that now, I have to do.

Trial and error.

     My want, came before the need, to do it right, the first time. Then I would be finished now, but I am not. I have only done twenty. I have 308 writings, 279 have pictures and the rest, I need to find.

    I have 308 writings, so to speak, on this Website. All of them have not been read. They are being read through, 79,973 since January 1, 2014 and with December 13, 2013 13,184 = 93,157. I am not writing at all.

 March 28, 2014

The stats have not changed since the 25th. It is still at 95,406 in three months. It is my heart’s desire, to share my writings, with anyone, who needs, sometime, “In Presence of Spirit.”

    I figured out, after three hundred and eight edits, that the description can be the end of the writing. I do not have to leave it blank. I have only done three pictures.

    I have one hundred and fifty-eight, to put a name on them. I will do the forthcoming, in the right way, and then I will get to the others, once again, later. My eyes need a rest.

I am very bold in the writings.

    Once again, I have not been writing, the way I used to. I am putting them together. I have more, but it is not time yet. Why, because this has to be right first, and then I can start the rest.

    I have multiple issues, going on in my personal life. Richard is already 71, and he is so frail. Oh, it is so sad.  He is still walking, very slow but he is walking. He refuses to take anything for the pain.

    The Cerebral Palsy Foundation does not help, older people, and no one else is either. It is just me for 13 years now. We are friends. I do not call myself his provider. I am not getting paid, to care for him, and I am disabled myself, not only with my eyes, Sciatica nerve problems. Herniated disks.

    He needs all the essentials to make him more comfortable. Like his lift chair fixed or another one. A shower chair, his is falling apart. The house needs to be handicap accessible, and it is not. I need a Hoyer lift or something to help get him up. 

    The three-foot hole in the ceiling has a sheet stapled to it, and we are in trouble if it rains. No, the roof has not been fixed. It is in the process, Insurance issues. They are taking it to Court. A Court on the 15th of April 2014, everything is set now

March 31, 2014

Wow, it took six days to get my statistics back on inpresenceofspirit.com,  I have been going through all the Statistics.

    In Presence of Spirit.com has been read, viewed 101, 908 in three months, 115,092 since the 13th of December. Thank You for reading my times, “In Presence of Spirit.” See I always knew I was going to share.

    The pictures do make the writing stand out, and then to put a description on it, makes it just right, for me. I could not have done it without my brother,  sharing the pictures with me so I can share them with the World. Beautiful, Kauai, Tahiti, Yosemite. Thank you again.

    God bless you all, each and everyone who reads my writings. They mean so much for everyone, not just myself. That is why, it is a gift, from, The Christ Spirit, Within Us All.

    I am not, by myself in this. I have been tried, and tested beyond measure, silent for all those years. I really was not because I have the writings to prove it, all of it. What is happening now is what I prayed for then. As you read, hopefully, you will understand. God bless you with understanding, my writings. March 31, 2014, Wendy Yvette Greenwell 

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I am overwhelmed!

This frog needed it's place on this writing
I Brought My Writings From Blogger Over Here

I have 308 writings on this Website. I brought my writings from blogger over here. To protect them so to speak. I needed a challenge.

This is a massive project.

I can not figure, all these, things out. Especially overnight. They want me in competition; I am not competing with no one. I can not rush, to have Google Search Engines, find my writings.  My S E O, I have to manually put them in, and I do not understand back links.

I have only been working on my writings, all this time.

I did not have to do, all these things that are required to have a Website, and I sure do not have any money, to have someone, do it for me. These writings are raw. They are me, with no one else.

Just me having conversations with the Lord.

With my lousy punctuation, my stressing Capital letters and anything else, not proper, I should have put in.

I came over here with 207 writings then, I brought another hundred from, my other blog.

Accidentally, putting them on the same domain, Website, but they are all, “In Presence of Spirit.” So they are all together, which makes it,  just fine and dandy with me.

 I also, have a problem with it, myself.

2005 Writings, were from letters, that I wrote, with writings in them, to my husband of my youth. I knew one day, I would publish them, and out the blue I did. January 29, 2014, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

    July 10, 2014, My husband of my youth and my first child, is 32 today. I had three, she has two, his 2nd wife. Ten grandchildren and three on the way. Oh my Lord Help, Please, help Jesus, in your name. October 23, 2014, March 23, 2016, The fourteenth will be here in a few weeks. 11 boys, one in heaven and 3 girls. He was born April 12, 2016, then to find out the 15th is on the way, He will be here Christmas time June 17, 2016

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