It is June 11, 2000:

I must end for now because time has passed away.

To anyone that cares, I have continued work on these words that came out of me, and I must end for now because time has gotten away. We, My Children and I, need the closure of the negative.

    It is not just my family that is suffering. Every Divorced Family. Broken down families, for what? For nothing! We are in the midst of destruction. I speak for myself, and I speak for, The World.

No one has read these pages.

    The Spirit and I are the only ones, it is funny, I wish I could see your reaction, is it not or is it inspired. Do you understand? Is it a Masterpiece?  That is what I feel about it. But who am I a sinner that was blessed to, “In Presence of Spirit.”

    I must complete my manuscript and send it to? My ex-husband is behind on child support. I have been working part-time, working on these pages, full time. I can not put this away.

I have more,

what I like, it is not in he said, she said, they said, it is in the I of Me, You, Everyone that finds the Christ Spirit within.

I have all Originals; I wanted to focus on Spirit.

    If one thought I copied, then you can see the sequence of thought. I did not make any changes in words, and I did not make mistakes, no big scratch outs, like if I had to think before I wrote another word, no it flowed out of my inner being.

Enough I have to get this show on the road.

    I need someone else to read, tell me what you think if it is not publishable it is my keepsake, but I do not think that is God’s Plan.

    I might be wrong, there are critical observations, but everyone is suffering. The only relief is Jesus Christ in heart soul revelation. To lessen the pain so Peace can come, To The Multitudes.

I would prefer to be Wendy

    With no last name unless I have to. As stated I can not write anymore and or speak I have not. So the only thing I have to give is a piece of an excellent experience that I have to complete to have done my part for Everyone to come home To Father God, Father Son, Father of the Holy Spirit of Christ Jesus.

    It was my destiny to write, “In Presence of Spirit,” into its entirety. Will release, how can you not believe. So with all this, I Love My Lord, and Savior Jesus Christ and “In Presence of Spirit,” is dedicated completely To God, Through Jesus Christ, To The Christ Spirit, Within Us All. Look and you will find. June 11, 2000, Wendy Greenwell

© 2000-2024 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell


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