I have believed, and of course, still think,

I Was Guided, To Write, In Its Entirety, inpresenceofspirit.com

that I was guided, to write, in its entirety, “In Presence of Spirit.” Not just for myself but, for the afflictions of the World.

To find a way home, To Father God,

in heart revelation and realization. To The Innermost, Portal of My Soul, To Yours, To Everyone’s from, Jesus with Love.

My boldness, comes from my faith,

in Jesus Christ and His Glory. The Regeneration of The World Souls. To Peace, He gives Within. I never used my energies, to this potential.

What more evidence, can I prove. I have all, Originals.

You can tell I am not copying, and you can say, I make a few mistakes and corrections in the way the words are used.

The words flow out of me, onto paper, it was an incredible experience.

It was written, in the process of transition and to me, it all goes together, to make the whole.

If you think I am ignorant, it is OK.

I believe it needs to be completed and submitted. Will someone help me, In Christ’s Calling. April 17, 1999 Wendy Yvette Greenwell

©1999-2024 inpresenceofspirit.com by Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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A Journey from darkness to the light.