Welcome to Wendy’s Home Page.

One of my personal Moon photo's.
Welcome To Wendy’s Homepage

I started inpresenceofspirit.com, on December 13, 2013. I had brought over 207 writings, then another 100, from blogger. I had a lot of work to do on them. So I do not have the post, no pages, and that is probably, why I do not have links, and everything else it is missing.

I went to Files, in my C-Panel

Of my web hosting, and found that I do have a sitemap, exactly how I input it in, time and date. So I guess, I am concerned about, the links, (nothing I have control over) but Analytic, is a couple of days behind.

    I have 390 Published Writings on inpresenceofspirit.com. All the writings belong together, I am not finished, I still have a couple of hundred plus, but maybe not all, for my weblog. Will see.

    The writings of, “You are, and I am In Presence of Spirit in Conversations with the Lord.” Have been viewed 1,019,810 times. 31,051 for March 2015. The Site 511,521 and the bloggers 508,289 views.

    You can read them by year. The month I Published the writings. Click the picture and have a bigger picture, that you can magnify,  just by clicking it.

    The Original’s had to have the first picture, then the smaller image, goes to the same writing, different name. I did it backward, and I did it my way. It helped me prepare for Verification.

I am verified, finally.

    It took me this long, to figure it out. But I guess now is the time. That it will get the attention, it well deserves. To help people, to find, what they have been searching for, some time, “In Presence of Spirit.” with the Holy Spirit of Our Lord, and Savior Jesus Christ. I believe.

I asked for it,

I received an understanding. I have been directed by, the Holy Spirit, of Our Lord, and Savior Jesus Christ, and it is shared with anyone, who needs some time, “In Presence of Spirit,” with “the Presence of The Holy Touch of Spirit.”

    I am not, getting sick of my moon pictures, and I have only a few messages. What more do you want? No one has even given one Amen. People have to join the site to comment, and the ones that have entered do not.

I will always and forever say,

“just because I wrote the writings yesterday, does not mean, they are not significant today, as at the time they were’ written.” That makes them, timeless. Which of course is, “Omnipresent,” they are, “Entwined in, The Ever Presence of the Holy Majesty.”

“The Writings of, “In Presence of Spirit,”

Are in the present tense, even though, they are from the past, this is how they are presented, as I have stated, I love all the writings, some minor parts, I would like to take out. “As-Is,” is “As Is” As stated, “It is for the Holy Spirit’s Purpose of fulfillment, I share my, You are, and I am In Presence of Spirit in Conversations with the Lord. To You. 

    Thank you for reading the writings of, “You are, and I am In Presence of Spirit in Conversations with the Lord.” Wendy Yvette Greenwell March 30, 2015

    This has to be at the top. 1/8/16 January 15, 2016, Now, it has always been, I just figured it out. “The Writings from, In Presence of Spirit.” If it were not for the first, the second and now Published 447 writings on my website. There would be a blank page.

    28,750 views for 2016. I have been updating, and I have Published 8. I can not believe it, how I can Publish? By: The Grace of God.

    826,884 views, December 13, 2013 to December 31, 2015 and of course the bloggers: 508,289 views = 1,363,923 views. Thank you for stopping by, even for a second.

I am still looking past myself, because everything is in Your Hands Lord, where they were’ placed, when You gave me, a hurting, tainted person inside, and gave me, all my times, “In Presence of Spirit,” to hold onto, till the end of time.

    Thank You, Father God, for accepting me, to be worthy of being, One of Your Writers, through the darkness of my soul, to the light, so shining through, “Our Conversations In Spirit.” To You, With Love Wendy

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Forces of evil, are stronger when self is relying on self.

Love the cloud formation around the Moon
Open Up The World To Jesus Christ World Awakening

We are born from the first sin. We can be reborn, through the redemption of, Our Lord Christ Jesus

Reinstated to the actual laws,

That governs, the whole. Only in the Holy Spirit, through the Holy Spirit, roundabout the Holy Spirit. Can! Will! Open up, The World to Jesus Christ World Awakening, in heart revelation. The true realization of the oneness, in peace with Christ Jesus.

Our Lord, Our Redeemer, Our benefit into the Glory of God,

is a cleansing, to the spirit of hope, guidance, love, joy, happiness.

 The veil will be lifted, and

Our Holy Comforter will be waiting for your return, from darkness to eternal light. In Christ Jesus, I put, The World, in one heart, one mind, for the purification, can take place, now. The multitudes will be set free, from the plague of bondage, that has not healed itself.

Healing is a one-way ticket from darkness;

Long-Suffering, like a superficial eternity, repeating itself, over and over again, since time began. How long? One thousand nine hundred ninety-eight years, why go further?

Mass healing for the multitudes.

Our faith lives. The Holy Spirit is, “Our Comforter.” The Holy Spirit, is here for you, to come home to Father God, Father Son and Father of All, in the Holy of Holy Spirit, in Jesus Christ, I am. January 25, 1998, 1998 to 2016, I have held on to this writing, 18 years.

    It still means the same thing to me, right now. “As Above, So Below, As Below, So Above.” (I have been watching a whole new perspective, on YouTube.) “which makes my conversations with the Lord verified and fulfilled.”

    The I am of me is, “In Presence of Spirit,” “Universally One In Spirit,” “Eternally One In Spirit,” “Forevermore, In Presence of Spirit.” Universally Accepted in the heavens and that covers the whole panoramic view of existence. Which is true, I believe this to be true in my, “You are, and I am In Presence of Spirit in Conversations with the Lord.” Wendy

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I woke up this morning,

I used to take a lot of photo's of the same Moon, each different. Or maybe repeat.
A Destiny to Fulfill A Path

with a sensitivity that I had forgotten. With memories that were’ thrown away and feelings, I thought I did not possess. Still waking up out of the “Last Fight,” my losses lay there waiting.

    The hidden secrets of my abandonment. I am ready after one year, and seven months to write about the ending cycle of an evasive past, that was, and is a destiny to fulfill a path.

    For the regenerative powers, that is only through, the Love of Christ, to the absolute truth of our existence.

    Millions of families have suffered, are suffering, emotional, mental, physical, spiritual abuse. A chartered course, and the cycle is almost impossible to stop.

    Who can save us? Who can stop the fear, the worries, the anxiety? Who can free us, from the horrid realities, of the negative side of doom? Who can put an end to it? Who will put an end to it? July 22, 1997, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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I recall stating,

Clouds and Moon
Through the veil of darkness, to the inner light and perseverance

“I am going to rise above the mundane perceptions of life,” into a higher level of consciousness.

Only to get chewed down in the reality of my true self:

    Woman that fought hard for some vision of hope, for everyone concerned; but I was not ready for a challenge, that had scattered me abroad, once again. In six short weeks, I have obliterated myself into some fragmented person and past rules yet.

“In Presence of Spirit,” is a foundation, in which I need to walk through, and enlighten the brightness,

that Jesus Christ reveals, in the secret mysteries. That can be achieved for all. Through the veil of darkness, to the inner light and perseverance, that comes from trusting, Christ’s gifts entirely.

    My losses are upfront in my mind, right now. I feel that writing about the ending cycle and what caused my ruins, should be executed in the draft. (I did not do that) Meaningless memories for everyone but me because through all the floating of my existence.

I accomplished a ritual cleansing in which I have to re-cleanse through the unveiling of, “In Presence of Spirit,

so my life can have meaning, once again. The ending cycle of the degeneration of our souls, to the absolute truth; which lies through Jesus Christ Life, Ministry, Teachings, Death, Resurrection to Life Eternal, In Spirit, Through Spirit, Roundabout Spirit.

In the faith, that comes from The Love, Life, The Ministry,

Teachings, Death, Resurrection to Life Eternal; In Spirit, Through Spirit,  Roundabout Spirit. In the hope of The Glorious Promises, that was’ set.

In which Moses was blessed to the writings

of the statutes, commandments, The writings on the wall in Daniel. The sufferings of Job. The misinterpretation of life from centuries ago.

    To fulfill in the designated time. The fulfillment from misconception to the truth, that God was always giving us round about. July 19, 1997, Wendy Yvette Greenwell Amen

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I know who I am, (well, bold!)

I was obsessive about the Moon photo's
Isolation To The Innermost Part of Your Being

I know what I am feeling. I know what is from the heart. I know how to help relieve, and release your souls, to the presence of the highest. “A Spark In Spirit.”

In God the Father, God the Son, and God The Holy Spirit, all things are possible.

    To those who believe with all their heart, and all their Soul. The opening can be achieved, by letting the light shine through, the portal of your very existence, “tiny as a mustard seed.”

For the wages of death through Christ is life, in spirit, through spirit, round about spirit.

    The Holy Spirit is here right now to come in, and sheath the generational deterioration, so the regeneration can take place before destruction.

Total abandonment of one’s own will.

    Isolation to the innermost part of your being, which constitutes, total acceptance of I am a sinner, my life, and my surroundings are entirely out of control. Madness has to stop now!

    In all my writings this past year, I released through Jesus Christ Holy Spirit, the ever-present spirit. The prayers, from the revelations of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the way is complete, there is no other.

    Sometimes when I read over the writings, I think that it is inspired. I could not of myself,  written in such depth, without Spirit. The Spirit is the writer.

    With the numerous hours of studying, The Bible, I acquired understanding, to the greater, and I was finally freed of all my inner turmoil and frustration of no meaning. This is not it! It is Holy Congregation with Our Lord Jesus Christ, here on Earth. Wendy January 03, 1997 Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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