I want to see the whole truth of existence.

Night Lights with a flash
I want to see the whole truth of existence

    Seventeen years since I wrote, “In Presence of Spirit,” the original, wow 2005, now it is eighteen years, double wow. Eighteen years since Jesus gave me the beginning of my heart’s quest.

    To stay with me and keep me and protect me, so the fulfillment of the nature of, “In Presence of Spirit,” is going to hit the hearts of the multitudes. Has to happen, it was written in the Spirit of Our Father.

Spirit of Spirit, Cooperation, United again,

To share the rest of the book, writings. How? The way and the means will be plentiful. Why not? It is, was and will always be; meant to be. I followed my call, and I completed the first part.

    The second is in the transfer. To open up: The heart of Your People and give them a piece of Heaven in One Heart, One Mind, To You With Love. From Jesus and Wendy in writing To You.

To every one of You, in The Whole World,

It is my Honor to Present the rest of the prayers, and writings, quotes from me, Na, from the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ, through me.

No closed doors, everything is opened and receptive.

    The decision has been made and done, start the process of ritual purification. “I think I am talking about a picture I wanted to put on the book.” I am sending it to you; it is heaven to me, it is deep and breathtaking, it reminds me of my first breath of life through Christ Jesus in the spirit of, “In Presence of Spirit.”

I am happy for your healing through Jesus Christ,

Cleansing waters, of shedding the scars of the past existence, before you met Christ. The spark is ignited, and you are in the process of cleansing, to freedom from sin, guilt, anything on the contrary of good and evil. All is One, in Christ Jesus, Love.

    It is all for His People to come inside the inner chamber of your innermost being. There you will knock, and the door will be opened. I let, “In Presence of Spirit,” go where it wills when that time comes. I hope my experience helps everyone else. Because that is what God gave me, Peace In Hope, and Faith of His, Ever Presence.

He is ours for the asking:

    A deep bottomless pit in which you have to reach down deep and then from the depths, there you will see the truth of existence and know all I want, is to be, “In Presence of Spirit.” Love and kisses from heavens door, open up you will be home soon. ‎5/20/13 2:41:16 AM input August 29, 2005-August 29, 2013

    God Bless The Whole Entire World. I am almost forty thousand. It means everything. I know every time my writings are read: “You are and I am, In Presence of Spirit, in Conversations with The Lord.” I know this is what the Holy Spirit wanted me to do. Amen. Wendy Yvette Greenwell

    30 Years now. Wendy’s 30th Anniversary Year with My very own, “In Presence of Spirit,” that turned into, “You are, and I am In Presence of Spirit in Conversations with the Lord.” all extensions of the one writing. That is how I look at it. Even though I have “Reflections,” they still belong with the rest of the extensions. Okay, I read it. I am on #417.

© 2005-2023 by Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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