In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Moon Light
So what am I supposed to do

“As it was, in the beginning, is now and ever shall be the world without end.”

So what am I suppose to do? The Book says to be positive and affirm positive attributes and dedicate yourself to your conviction and I have. Time and time again. Throughout the length of my writings days and then some. I acknowledge that you have given me the greatest gift being, in presence with you in all my writings. January 14, 2010

Laser Tomorrow

Mr. Errol Grannum will be performing drilling a hole in my left eye and the will re-open the hole in my right eye. The ones that made this happen are Knights Templar out of Illinois. Thank you. They are paying for my surgery on my left eye, and since my Dad and His Wife paid in cash the first surgery and preliminary Doctor’s appointment, he is going to open the hole in my right eye.

    It is a stressful time for me on the 27th I go before the Social Security Disability Judge, my third appeal. I have not had very many Doctor appointments because I do not qualify for any help because once again I am a pauper because I quit June 2007 because I was suffering from my eyes and yes forever thought they were’ eye migraines, turning out to be Narrow-Angle Glaucoma, with Cataracts that are not bad enough to take out.

    I am not even eligible to get the help of any kind from the commissions for the Blind. Now if I were going to go back to work, they would help me. I figure I will go to them if I get denied again.

My brother is coming down from California

for my Twin and My 50th Birthday. Weird how swift time flies.

You see back in early 1996 I wrote a piece,

    I asked the Lord for a friend, not a husband, Ha. There is a difference. He gave Richard and me our friendship. We have lived in this comfortable House for eight years. When I worked, I paid for my part. But since I have not worked in two years and seven months, he has taken care of all of it. It is only Him, my Son and me now. The girls have since seven months moved out.

    Although I care for Richard with his needs, he has provided. Home for me. We remain friends, and of course, we are companions, we even share a room, but it does not mean we are common law married. “He is 75 now. Cerebral Palsy has taken its toll on him. I am thankful that God gave me the ability to care for him day in day out, although we like the nights I hate the Sun, the heat of South Texas.” Jesus Christ thank you for Richard, my best friend. Only a friend. I am worried, and no one will still help.

    Oh Lord in your name I do pray.  I am so confused about what I am supposed to do. I need your help in all areas of my life, my love, my book, the complete book. The Surgery on my eyes tomorrow, The court in front of the Judge for Disability with my Lawyer at least I will not be alone.

I have been reading 2005 writings

“Reflections of In Presence of Spirit.” To the husband of my youth, from the wife of his youth. It is beautiful that is when I had my first glaucoma attack. I am already on page 59. He still has not read it But my reading and editing further a feeling the vibration of such power prayers to the husband of my youth that is over one hundred pages and 29,000 plus a word count. Second to the highest words from all the years of writing.

    It is for anyone, not just him. Truly it is verified. Hopefully, prayerfully you can find forgiveness in your heart, mind, and soul, it takes a ton of layers of your past and gives you the room to breathe through the cleansing of your hearts pain.

I know it works because that gut pain has not come back.

    Even in extreme difficulties, to describe mine to the minute status. How else could I state that? I have choice minutes of anxiety depression, fear, I do not have the means and resources I need. Still, no transportation. January 21, 2010

I know I have been working on the writings, no one else was going to do it.

    I told my Lawyer it is my hobby, Ha, it is a lot more than that, but because, “In Presence of Spirit,” only sold one book. There is no money involved it has nothing to do with my Court. I worked for The Lord and He will provide in His time. This, all this, is not, for greed it is to help, in the regeneration of our souls. Seriously I followed through with what I was given in Spirit to do. Even in my Mortality with my own problems and the way I am. The Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ blessed me with His Presence of Spirit.

    Thank you, Jesus Christ, there is no way I would have made it through without you and our “You are and I am In Presence of Spirit in Conversations with the Lord.” “Knowledge had but impatiently been misplaced”

    I knew that was the beginning of my book. I was going to be writing while I worked on it on the side. I was still writing every word that would one day be my complete, to be certified Book, of the offspring of my first, in writing communication, “In Presence of Spirit.”

      Jesus Christ heard my prayers and answered it at the beginning of my soul’s voyage in search of peace in my soul. Now we know it is not all about me. It is for anyone who is searching and not finding. It is for you and for me. I still do not speak about all this, I have no questions to answer. My eyes feel better today. January 28, 2010, Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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