Lord Help Us All:

Hold Fast Your Calling To Me

Lord Guide Us All. Lord, give us strength, and guidance, that You offer through, Your Gift of Life, Salvation, Baptism, Deliverance, through You and Only You.

Hold fast, Your Calling, to Me.

I am trying to listen. Lord Help Me, Hear You. I Love You. But The Awesome Presence of Spirit, guiding me to write, what was written, for this whole book.

Without a care, that I am doing the wrong thing.

It is the right thing, for all the right reasons. Even though, Richard and I, are the only ones, who know, what was given to me, to share with you.

The years are Vast:

Some are short, some are average, and some tip the scale. Altogether 1996 has 35,000 words. A book in itself.  I am saving, as I go. I want to keep it, on several disks. So I do not lose anything. I will put it together. Thank you very much. Will see what happens. Oh Lord Help!

Vast – huge, gigantic, heroic, mighty, immense, massive, enormous, planetary, tremendous, gigantic, monstrous, mammoth, titanic, monumental, prodigious, stupendous, mountainous, gargantuan, elephantine.

Every Vision:

has come true already, even though Richard and I, only know.

Never has a book like, “In Presence of Spirit,”

been released, To The World. In Mass Congregation, for Our Lord. This is, how much, I Love You, Lord. Wendy Yvette Greenwell No Date

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