Well, I am going to tell anyone who reads what I am about to write.

I love all of my night photo’s

In plain English. The site hit 403,871, 4000, in a twenty four hour period. Impressive, in a way. I have been reading while editing not absolutely all of them, because I have been through two hundred, which makes four hundred with the pages.

    I wrote no-repeat, on the twentieth, and I input it, and Published it on the twenty first of December. Talk about memory lane. I have some projects with the writings. I must open up, and let this be free, free from any obstruction that will be left, as not completed works, because I won’t be here.

    How can you know the depths of the heart of spirit, if you do not give yourself a chance. A chance to see for yourself when you visit. Whatever. It has 2,596,475, for this year 407,580 page views. Not everyone reads, and few come to the site. I can’t force myself to go Social.

     As a twin, we shared most every thing. I have been sharing since the day I wrote it. When it was being written it was divine intervention. It flowed word for word. Nothing like that had ever come out of me. I was amazed once again it had to have the right name. Two months later. “In Presence of Spirit.”

    Just so you know, I did not do the patch. I see the lung specialist on the fourth of January. He can put it on. I did it all myself, and I accept my responsibility.

    I needed a rest, I could not force myself to work on the site. Something has to happen to open up to “In Presence of” My personal conversations with the Lord.

    To the ones that read thank you, I know, “You are, and I am In Presence of Spirit.” God Bless Eternity Wendy December 25, 2022

© 2022 Wendy Yvette Greenwell

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